Keto Bowls

Keeping up with ketosis has never been easier, with these build-your-own superfood bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find out how easy, satisfying, and delicious your ketogenic diet can be with 50 recipes created for the bowl. The perfectly balanced, plentiful, and wholesome bowls make keto meal prep incredibly fast while offering

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The Best Diets of 2020 are out! And Ulysses has some of the best books about top diets to try this year. Want to learn how to cook like they do in Italy and Greece? Try Living the Mediterranean DietLooking to lose weight and lower your blood pressure? Try the Dr. Mariza Snyder’s bestselling  DASH Diet CookbookOr sharpen your mind while trimming your body with the revolutionary MIND Diet. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Take a look at the full list and how each diet scored at U.S. News & World Report

Take a peek at the Top 20 Diets of 2020:

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