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Strengthen your connection to your faith with this Islamic prayer journal designed specifically for Muslim women, featuring inspirational duas, hadith, and verses from the Qur'an. As women, we are often required to wear many hats that come with

An Inspirational Dua and Gratitude Journal for Women

By Gabrielle Deonath
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Gabrielle Deonath

Gabrielle Deonath is a Guyanese-American Muslim writer and editor. First published at age 16, she penned personal essays on her experiences navigating the world as a Muslim teenager for and SISTERS Magazine. For five years, she

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Hermetic Principles

The Little Book of Hermetic Principles

Discover how the wisdom and philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism can be applied to modern life in this beginner-friendly guide to the Hermetic principles. Hermes Trismegistus is believed to be one of the founders of philosophy,

Heal Your Energy, Seek Enlightenment, and Deepen Your Understanding of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

By Amber D. Browne
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Amber D. Browne

Amber D. Browne is a lifelong writer and communicator. As a young teen, she discovered her passion for the written word and for sharing information. After acquiring a BA in mass communication with a minor in history from Texas State University,

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Grumet_Jordan - Doc G
Author of Taking Stock

Jordan Grumet, MD

Jordan Grumet was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1973. His interest in becoming a doctor was ignited when his father, an oncologist, died unexpectedly in the prime of life. This profound loss not only inspired him to practice ...

Learn about the Secret to Financial Independence with Dr. Grumet

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Magical Girl's Guide to Life

The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life

Transform into your most magical self with this one-of-a-kind, manga inspired self-care guide designed to help you discover and harness your inner power- anime style! Inspired by the wand-wielding, crime-fighting magical girls in your favorite

Find Your Inner Power, Fight Everyday Evil, and Save the Day with Self-Care

By Jacque Aye
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Jacque Aye

Jacque Aye is a therapist-in-training and “Head Magical Girl” of the Adorned by Chi lifestyle brand! Since launching Adorned by Chi in 2015 Jacque has grown her business tremendously, racking in 6-figure sales within the first two years of

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The Happy Empath's Little Book of Affirmations

Protect yourself against negative energy, soothe anxious thoughts, and empower your inner empath with this book of thoughtful quotes, positive sayings, and inspiring affirmations. Taking on the emotions of others in addition to your own can be a challenge. Surviving and thriving as an empath requires reflection, meditation, and daily

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Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion Cover

Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion

Learn. Prepare. Trip. Transform! Get ready to begin the healing process with "magic mushrooms" with this step-by-step guide to safely experimenting with the all-natural psychedelic. With so much misinformation surrounding magic mushrooms out

An Informative, Easy-to-Use Guide to Understanding Magic Mushrooms―From Tips and Trips to Microdosing and Psychedelic Therapy

By Michelle Janikian
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Michelle Janikian

Michelle Janikian is a journalist focused on drug policy, trends, and education. Coming from the legal cannabis industry where she’s helped to shift the plant’s image from “destroyer of youth” to legitimate medicine and acceptable pastime,

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Author Michelle Janikian
Impostor Syndrome Book
Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome

Own Your Greatness

Stop letting impostor syndrome hold you back! This guided workbook of interactive exercises and research-backed activities will help you conquer self-doubt, realize your true worth, and enjoy your success. How many times have you thought that

Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life

By Lisa Orbé-Austin
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Other personal growth and development books

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The Anti-Diet Workbook

Ditch harmful fad diets and weight cycling, learn to respect your body, and eat intuitively with this easy-to-use workbook. Have you ever felt trapped in the diet cycle? Do you find yourself swinging back and forth between binging and dieting? Does your weight fluctuate regularly? New studies have shown the incredible negative impacts

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Books to Help Boost Your Mood

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I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women

Practice self-love, embrace mindfulness, and build a positive daily ritual with inspiring prompts, meditations, and reflections just for Black women.  You're aware of the way you talk to others, but how do you talk to yourself? Is your self-talk in need of a kindness boost? Improve your self-esteem and love the woman that you are with

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