This page is dedicated to Book Influencers FAQs for titles published at Ulysses Press.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I request a copy of your upcoming books?

We love hearing of your interest in working with us to review books from our amazing authors. If you’re interested in reviewing books available for the month, here’s how you can request a copy:

Complete our monthly Influencer Request Form here.

This form will be updated with new title offerings every month. You can request as many titles as you would like, but by completing the form, you are not guaranteed a review copy.

We recommend regularly checking the form for updates as new books may become available to request!

How do you select who will receive a review copy?

We review the requests from the Influencer Request Form and consider the following:

•Activity on social platforms

•Based in the US

•Minimum of 1.5k followers or demonstrated high engagement/growth rate

I was selected and received a review copy of the book. What now?

Congratulations! We are excited for you to read and discuss the title you received with your audience. If you are selected to receive a review copy, our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Tyanni Niles, will be in touch with you. As per the Ulysses Press policy, all posts must follow the FTC guidelines for the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

What are your expectations for influencers when you give them a free copy to review?

We hope that you will enjoy the complimentary book and post an honest feedback on your platform in whatever way you choose in exchange for the book. We don’t require anything else in return.

When should I post my review?

Ideally, it’s great to see reviews posted on a book’s publication day or during the first week of its release. However, we understand that there may be other factors at play that might prevent that from happening. In that case, it’s up to you to decide when to post a review on your platform.

Where should I post my review in addition to my own platform?

Posting your reviews on multiple platforms is a great way to generate buzz. Feel free to post on platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, or NetGalley.

Should I email you a link to my reviews when they go live?

If you’ve been in touch with someone from our team, it’s always helpful to share your reviews when they’re available. We’d love to spread the word on our platforms as well.

Should I tag Ulysses Press or the author in my reviews on socials?

Yes, it’s a helpful way for us to see your posts about Ulysses Press. Please tag us at @ulyssespress. Also include #ulyssespresspartner in all your posts. And, we know our authors would love to hear from you too if you loved the book. Just remember that authors are humans who have feelings too, so always be mindful and thoughtful in the posts that you choose to tag the authors in.

Questions? Comments?

Email us at [email protected] with your account handle, relevant statistics (follower count, etc.), and a little about yourself including your reading preferences. We’d love to hear from you!


Books Available for Request:

The following books are available for review copy requests. Please submit your inquiry via the Influencer Request Form here.

Please complete this form by 7/31/2022.

The next offering of titles will be available on 8/1/2022.

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