Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Ulysses Press. Ulysses Press does accept unsolicited manuscripts for the genres we publish into. Before submitting a manuscript, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our list and consider how your work will enhance our publishing program.

What kinds of books do you publish?

Our publishing program seeks to move along the cultural cutting edge. We stay ahead of the competition by publishing books at the forefront of emerging trends and by finding unique angles on established topics unexplored by other publishers.

When it comes to finding new books, we are especially interested in titles that fill demonstrated niches in the trade book market. We seek books that take a specific and unique focus, a focus that can differentiate a book and make it stand out in a crowd.

I found a great image for the cover of my book! Where do I send it?

Do not send original artwork, photographs or manuscripts of which you do not retain a copy.

Ok, I’m ready to submit my book idea, what should I include?

  1. 1. A brief (1-2 page) synopsis of the project
  2. 2. An annotated table of contents
  3. 3. One to two sample chapters
  4. 4. An author biography, including publishing credits
  5. 5. Market research, including:
  6. 6. A description of your target audience
  7. 7. A brief comparison with competitive titles, demonstrating how your project fills a need and covers new ground
  8. 8. Your e-mail address. Acceptances, rejections, and other correspondence will be conducted via e-mail.

Keep in mind that we are a small press. Expect a wait of at least three months before receiving a reply.

Email submissions to [email protected]

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