June 10, 2021

How Well Do You Know Your Serial Killer Facts?

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So you say you’re a true crime expert? We’ve put together another serial killer trivia quiz to test your knowledge and determine if you actually have what it takes to be an armchair detective.

And if you want more, check out Serial Killer Trivia for tons more chilling facts, creepy tidbits and twisted true crime trivia on Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and other notorious killers.

Still not satisfied? Here’s a whole  library of true crime books to satisfy your curiosity!


-Tyanni Niles


Serial Killer Trivia

The Ultimate Collection of Serial Killer Trivia for True Crime Fanatics This bloody and completely true trivia collection will horrify and intrigue readers, with answers to questions like “What was John Wayne Gacy’s last meal?” “Which serial killer was captured because of a bloody footprint left on his victim?" “Who was

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June 8, 2021

How to Teach Your Child To Talk with New Activity Book for Toddlers

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talking with your toddlerThe following is an excerpt from the new book Talking with Your Toddler Activity Book, written by Teresa Laikko, M.S., CCC-SLP and Laura Laikko, M.S., CF-SLP. This fun activity book is packed with family-friendly exercises, conversation topics, and vocabulary recommendations to help your child learn and practice talking. Check out the intro to the book below and download the activities for each season.

* * *

Welcome to the Talking with Your Toddler Activity Book! The worksheets and activities in this book are designed to promote language growth in a fun and interactive way. We hope you enjoy working on them with your child.

How to Use These Worksheets

Language growth often occurs when a child is engaged in fun activities with a caring communication partner. As you complete the worksheets with your child, your enthusiasm will encourage their participation and overall enjoyment of the activities. Children are more likely to want to communicate when they are having fun!

Here are some tips for success:

1. Follow your child’s lead. Leaf through the book and see what catches their eye. The book is divided into seasonal activities, but you don’t need to go in order. Let your child’s interest be your guide.

2. Be prepared. Gather the child-safe materials that your child will need to complete the activity, such as crayons, markers, scissors, glue, tape, and other decorative materials (stickers, pompoms, yarn, glitter, etc.).

3. To begin each worksheet, read the directions to your child. See if they can repeat the directions back. (Don’t worry if they can’t! Help them remember each step; it’s good practice.)

4. Remember, the goal of this book is to encourage your child’s language growth while enjoying fun activities. Don’t worry about perfection or following directions exactly. Let your child be creative and make a mess. It will give you something to talk about!

Language Tips for Working with Your Child

You can use several strategies to encourage language production. Most of them will seem like common sense to you, as you are probably already using them.

*Modeling: Look at the activity or picture and talk about what you see using child-friendly language. This provides an adult model that your child can hear and learn from. For example, with our activity making a pretend pizza, you can say, “Let’s make a pizza! It looks so delicious!”

*Wait Time: Give your child time to think and formulate a response or make a comment. Children often require longer wait times to process language and produce their own sentences. Take your time.

*Expand: After your child makes a comment, repeat what they say and expand on it. A good rule of thumb is to add one or two words to your child’s comment. For example, if your child says “pumpkin,” you can say “orange pumpkin!” or “pumpkin is big!” You don’t need to do this every time your child speaks, but an occasional expansion provides your child with additional vocabulary.

*Self-Talk: Talk about what you’re doing and thinking in simple sentences. For example, “I am cutting the paper. I want to color it pink. That’s my favorite color!” Hearing sentences like this will provide your child with more language examples.

*Open-Ended Questions: Using open-ended questions gives your child the chance to respond with more than a yes or no answer. An example of an open-ended question is “What do you like to do when it’s cold outside?” If they have trouble answering an open-ended question, guide them by providing them two choices: “Do you like to go sledding or throw snowballs?”

Extension Activities

Each theme includes ideas for extension activities beyond the worksheets. Pick and choose what appeals to you, and what you think will work best with your child. Don’t worry about completing every idea, as these are only suggestions. In each extension section, we’ll discuss:

*Core Vocabulary: This section includes words that are related to each activity. Try to use them in the conversations that come up naturally as you work together. Hearing a word multiple times will help solidify the concept in your child’s mind. See if your child understands the vocabulary and concepts. For example, if your child has trouble with the concepts of big, medium, and small, use the words in other contexts, such as in relation to what you see around the house: “Look, Dad’s shoes are big! Mom’s shoes are medium, and your shoes are small!”

*Following Directions: Use this extension activity as a way to have fun with the topic! Following directions is a good method to improve your child’s understanding of a theme or concept. In this section, we often recommend playing with a completed project while practicing spatial concepts like in, on, or on top.

*Conversation Topics: These are ideas to expand on the topic and encourage conversation with your child. Remember to use the language tips listed above when talking to your child. Sometimes children just don’t want to talk, and that’s okay too. If the conversation begins to feel more like an interrogation, feel free to take a step back. This is supposed to be fun!

*Book Suggestions: Books are a fantastic way to promote language learning. The library and YouTube are excellent sources to find age-appropriate books. Be sure to preview the entire video before showing it to your child—just in case. To make reading more fun, let your child pick the book based on their interests. We include theme-based suggestions of some of our favorite books if you need ideas.

For younger children, we recommend doing “picture walks” with the book. A picture walk consists of looking through the pictures of the book and talking about what you see. Point out what the characters are doing: “The boy is running! Where do you think he’s going?” If the book is too wordy for your child, go ahead and simplify. No need to read every single word—paraphrase.

*More Activities: These additional ways to play within the theme will help promote and solidify concepts and vocabulary presented in the worksheets. We’ve included some activities to get your child moving or to use imaginative play. Once again, do only what feels right for you and your child.

*Songs and Videos: All of our songs and videos are child-friendly and available on YouTube at the time of this writing. Watch them together and sing along. Replay the videos as much as your child wants, or until they drive you crazy! Sing the songs at other times of the day, such as while driving in the car or when getting ready for bed. Pause the video occasionally and talk about what the characters are doing (for example, “Oh no! She fell down!”). Ask your child what they think will happen next.

Important Things to Remember

While working on these activities with your child, there are several things to keep in mind.

*Set reasonable expectations. Remember that your child is still learning! Some activities include skills they are still developing. For example, fine motor skills like cutting and coloring are challenging for young children. They may require your help using child-safe scissors or holding a crayon appropriately.

*Another developing skill is speech. Young children may not be able to produce all their speech sounds. That’s okay! Repeat what they say using the correct pronunciation of words. The message behind what they say is more important than how they say it. With this workbook, we are targeting the use of language and communication rather than the production of sounds.

*Imperfection and mistakes are part of learning. Be accepting of your child’s attempts to complete the activities. Helping your child is okay, but let them take ownership of their work. Resist the urge to do the activities for them. Give them the opportunity to learn how to do things for themselves. Show pride in what they’ve achieved; focus on the successes and not the imperfections.

*Accept creative differences. Who says a tree needs to be green? A pink tree is very pretty too! Your child might decide to do something completely different, and that’s okay. Talk to them about what they’re doing and encourage them to follow their vision.

Download these seasonal activity pages.


Talking with Your Toddler

A handy parent’s guide that turns professional language development into child’s play Every new parent waits expectantly for their child’s first words. But if this milestone is late to arrive, they quickly become concerned. Luckily, Talking with Your Toddler contains speech language techniques that anxious parents can use to encourage

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New release
World War II Battle Trivia
June 1, 2021

How Much Do You Really Know About World War II?

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Do you have a child who just can’t get enough of learning about World War II? Then World War II Battle Trivia for Kids is the perfect book for them! Inside, kids will learn about what life was like on the battlefield, the first battle fought, blitzkriegs, submarines, and so much more. 

Right now, you and your kids can take this fun and free quiz below to test just how much you really know about World War II. Will you find out your WWII knowledge needs a little sprucing up? Or maybe you really know your stuff and you’re already a WWII history buff?

Either way, this quiz will give you a taste for all the fascinating trivia that’s packed into World War II Battle Trivia for Kids. Once you’ve taken the quiz and are itching to learn more, order your copy and get ready to be completely immersed in the most interesting facts and historical photographs from 1939 to 1945!

Discover More Fascinating Facts

All Trivia
May 27, 2021

The 16 Must-Have Grill & BBQ Cookbooks to Read in 2021

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Grilling season is finally here! Time to dust off those grills and fire up some delicious meats. Whether you set your station up outside or remain indoors, we’ve got just the right cookbooks for any occasion. So, get ready to turn up the heat with some of our best-selling grilling and BBQ books. Plus, we’re setting you up with tasty recipes from each book to try out.

The Flippin’ Awesome Backyard Griddle Cookbook

By Paul Sidoriak

The Flippin’ Awesome Backyard Griddle Cookbook

Nothing’s more fun than grillin’ up a mess of delicious eats in your own backyard. This cookbook has all the tools you need to take your outdoor grilling game to the next level. From awesome dishes like Johnny Cakes and pancakes, Smashed Burgers, Cheesesteaks, and so much more, you’ll be grilling like a pro in no time.

Download the Smashed Burgers recipe here.

Kamado Smoker & Grill Cookbook

By Chris Grove

Become a kamado pro with this cookbook. Designed to do everything from slow smoke at 250ºF to flash sear at 700ºF, the kamado ceramic grill is the most versatile and powerful backyard cooker in the world. But to unleash its potential for amazing, crowd-pleasing barbecue, you need to have mastered your kamado inside and out. Packed with delicious recipes and helpful techniques, this essential guide will turn grilling neophytes into masters of the backyard barbecue.

Download the Corn Three Ways recipe here.

Wood Pellet Smoker & Grill Cookbook

By Peter Jautaikis

What’s the best way to infuse your barbecue fixings with that quintessential, smoky flavor? This cookbook explains everything you need to know—picking the right pellet flavors, maximizing the potential of your smoker-grill, and mastering cold-smoke and slow-roast techniques. A must-have manual for anyone who owns a wood pellet cooker, this book serves up spectacularly delicious dishes that are simply impossible to make on traditional barbecue grills.

Download the Texas-Style Brisket Flat here.

The Griddle Cookbook

By Loïc Hanno

Master the art of flat-top grilling with theses flavor-packed recipes from around the world. The Griddle Cookbook is full of simple, step-by-step recipes to make on the cast-iron griddle in your backyard. You’ll learn everything you need to know about grilling on the griddle, from different ways to prepare your meats, to which utensils to use, to what cook times will achieve the perfect sear. This cookbook is perfect for both aspiring and seasoned flat-top griddle chefs.

Download the Chicken Tortillas recipe here.

Grilling with Foil Packets

By Cyndi Allison

Grilling with Foil Packets

Aluminum foil just got a lot more appealing. Experience the thrill of cooking outdoors with this everyday household favorite. Either wrap up one ingredient or combine several into a foil packet and let the grill do the magic. The best part? Less mess and easier cleanup! Whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner or an easy and affordable campfire-friendly dish, this cookbook is packed with mouthwatering recipes.

Download the Banana Boats recipe here.

Jerkin’ It

By Henry Cox

Jerkin' It Cookbook

Stop jerkin’ your meat alone and start sharing your grilling sensations with your friends and family. This saucy little cookbook is jam packed with grilling favorites and hot tips—from how to maintain that low-and-slow, all-night heat to the best and only way to rub down a tender breast. Jerkin’ It is the perfect gag gift for avid grillers and outdoor chefs who have a need for meat and a forkin’ good sense of humor.

Download the “Just the Tip” Tri-Tip Steak recipe here.

The ‘Ohana Grill Cookbook

By Adrienne Robillard and Dawn Sakamoto Paiva

Enjoy the taste of the islands with tropical flavors of the Pacific from the comfort of your home. With this cookbook, you can have your own personal luau every night with delicious recipes made for your outdoor grill. This unique island guide will help you master your equipment, choose the best ingredients for grilling, and achieve perfectly cooked results sure to please. So, whether you’re new to lighting the grill or an experienced barbecue chef, theses accessible recipes will bring the flavors of Hawai’i to you.

Download the Guava Chicken recipe here.

The Offset Smoker Cookbook

By Chris Grove

The preferred smoker of professional and competition-level pitmasters, offset smokers can be tricky to use, but the smoky, delicious results are worth it. Perhaps you bought a backyard offset smoker a while ago and it’s been sitting dormant in your backyard for a couple of years. Or maybe you use your smoker frequently but are looking to get some new recipe inspiration. Regardless of your level of experience, The Offset Smoker Cookbook is the ultimate guide to cooking with your offset smoker. So, pull out your smoker and barbecue like a pro.

Download the Competition-Style Chicken Thighs here.

Live Fire BBQ & Beyond

By Wendy O’Neal

Live Fire BBQ

Fire up the flavor with Live Fire BBQ & Beyond. Cooking with an open flame is not only the original way humans cooked, it’s a wonderful way to add tons of flavor to any dish. Whether you are using a kamado, charcoal grill, wood-fired pizza oven or simple fire pit, live fire recipes don’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or seasoning as the food is seared quickly, which gives it a delicious caramelization. Packed with handy tips, tricks and techniques, this cookbook will turn you into an open-flame aficionado in no time.

Download the Brown Sugar & Bourbon Baby Back Ribs here.

The Infrared Grill Master

By Jenny Dorsey

The Infrared Grill Master Cover

Level up your outdoor cooking game. Infrared grilling is the hottest backyard barbecue must-have…literally. This groundbreaking culinary technology offers uniform heat every time, making for perfectly seared steaks, expertly grilled veggies, and more! Now, you can harness the full power of your grill with The Infrared Grill Master, the only book with delicious, creative recipes specifically tailored for infrared cooking.

Download the Five-Spice Beer Can Chicken here.

The Wild Game Smoker and Grill Cookbook

By Kindi Lantz

Wild Game Smoking

Packed full of delicious dishes that feature grilled and smoked meats, this unique cookbook is a must-have for any hunter. Whether you are using a classic charcoal grill, handy electric smoker, versatile wood pellet smoker or even a backyard smokehouse, author Kindi Lantz provides everything from heat-control techniques and smoker tricks to perfect wood chip pairings and the best rubs, marinades and sauces.

Download The Perfect Venison Steak recipe here.

Exclusively Kamado

By Paul Sidoriak

Go beyond basic BBQ with your kamado. Forget hot dogs and burgers! Creative patio chefs are firing up their massive egg-shaped ceramic cookers and whipping up spectacularly delicious dishes that are simply impossible on traditional barbecue grills. Perfect for these backyard gourmets, Exclusively Kamado shows how to take wood-fired cooking to the next level with recipes and techniques for mastering this massively popular smoker and grill.

Download the Game-Day Grilled French Toast here.

Keto BBQ Sauces, Rubs, and Marinadess

By Aileen Ablog

Keto BBQ Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades Cover

Are you craving those delicious, sweet, smoky flavors of barbecue but don’t want to knock your body out of ketosis with sugary store-bought sauces and marinades? Get ready to fi re up your grill, because it is now easier than ever to enjoy keto-friendly barbecue with Keto BBQ Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades! Learn how to prepare homemade marinades, dressings, and sauces to give your meats all the delicious flavor you want with none of the sugar and preservatives.

Download the Whiskey Barbecue Sauce recipe here.

Smoke It Like A Pit Master with Your Electric Smoker

By Wendy O’Neal

Create an authentic smokehouse taste in your own backyard with this step-by-step primer and flavor-filled cookbook. Follow its pro tips to become a true pit master. Then turn up the heat at your next barbecue with its mouthwatering recipes. This book provides everything you need to satisfy family and impress guests, including wood chip pairings, temperature guidelines and finishing techniques. Your electric smoker is the most convenient and affordable appliance for effortless, delicious barbecuing, and this book is its must-have manual.

Download the Brown Sugar Salmon recipe here.

Smoke It Like A Texas Pit Master with Your Electric Smoker

By Wendy O’Neal

Create authentic Lone Star smokehouse flavors in your own electric smoker with the mouthwatering recipes in this step-by-step primer. Follow its pro tips to all four types of Texas bbq, including East Texas style with its sweet, tomato-based sauce and hickory smoke, Central Taxes style where the meat is rubbed with spices and smoked with pecan or oak, West Texas style with its distinct mesquite flavor, and South Texas style that uses a thick sauce to keep the meat extra moist. Packed with 70 inspiring color photos, this flavor-filled cookbook provides everything you need to make all four regional variations of Texas barbecue.

Download the Spicy Cowboy Chicken Wings recipe here.

Sous Vide BBQ

By Greg Mrvich

Sous Vide BBQ

Packed with professional tips, helpful photos and step-by-step tutorials, this book shows how to use your sous vide’s precision temperature control to cook moist, flavorful meats every time. Then it goes further. Author Greg Mrvich reveals his proven techniques and secret tricks for juicy, tender meat with a crispy, caramelized bark and perfect, smoky flavor. With options for finishing outside in your smoker or on the grill, the book’s 50 recipes cover everything from backyard classics to gourmet creations.

Download the Barbecue Beef Brisket recipe here.


– Tyanni Niles

May 11, 2021

Chicken Tortillas Recipe from The Griddle Cookbook

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  • Recipes

This recipe is from The Griddle Cookbook by Löic Hanno. Download your own copy here!

Prep Time: 45 minutes | Marinate Time: 3 hours | Cook Time: 10 minutes | Serves: 4

For garnish

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 1 chile pepper, sliced
  • 5 boneless, skinless chicken
  • thighs, cut into very small cubes
  • juice of 2 limes
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • dried oregano
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 tablespoons olive
  • oil, for cooking

For the tortillas

  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 packet yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 cup lard or 2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2/3 cup hot water

For the salsa

  • 4 tomatoes, seeded and diced
  • 1 red onion, diced
  • 1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped
  • juice of 1 lime
  • salt, to taste



1. Prepare the garnish. Mix the garlic, onion, and chile in a bowl with the chicken. Add the lime juice, cumin, oregano, and bay leaf. Let marinate for 3 hours in the refrigerator.

2. Make the tortillas. In a bowl, combine the flour, yeast, salt, sugar, oil, and hot water. Work the dough for 5 minutes until it is smooth. Cover and let stand for 1 hour in a warm place.

3. Prepare the salsa. Mix the tomatoes, onion, and cilantro in a large bowl, then add the lime juice and salt. Set aside.

4. Divide the dough into 4 balls. Divide each ball in half to make 8 balls. Roll each of these out with a little flour to form 6-inch discs.

5. Preheat the griddle to medium heat. Cook the tortillas with a little lard or olive oil for 1 minute on the first side and 30 seconds on the second, then set aside. Cook the chicken at high heat in olive oil for 4 minutes, stirring constantly.

6. To serve, garnish the tortillas with the chicken and salsa.

You can add sliced avocado or grated cheddar cheese to the freshly cooked meat.


The Griddle Cookbook

Experience the art of flat-top grilling with more than 40 flavor-packed recipes from around the world that you can master with the cast-iron griddle in your kitchen or the outdoor griddle in your backyard. Become a true grilling master with this cookbook that will teach you everything you need to know about flat-top grilling. The Griddle

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New release
online learning
May 4, 2021

Help Your Child Succeed with A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning

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  • Education

A parent's guide to virtual learningIf you have kids, you know that the past year of school has been challenging, to say the least. Virtual learning on multiple platforms has been stressful not only for the students, but for the parents who now need to help facilitate their child’s education. In this current education landscape, parents need just as much guidance into our “new normal” as their children.

Dr. Felicia Durden, an accomplished educator with more than 20 years of teaching experience, provides this much-needed guidance in her new book, A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning. In this book, Dr. Durden shares her strong desire to provide families with tools to help their children succeed in school. She believes that as their child’s first teacher, it is important that parents are given tools and tips that will help them on their journey.

The following is an excerpt from A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning to help busy parents make sense of the types of virtual schooling their child may be faced with. If you want to learn more about digital education platforms, understand teaching strategies, and fully support your child’s education, order a copy of A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning today!

A Paren’t Guide to Virtual Learning Book Sample

Following are tips for the main virtual learning models I have seen used consistently. Again, these are not the only online models out there. Schools have some pretty creative ways to meet their students’ needs, but these are the scenarios that you are most likely to encounter.

Distance Learning

If your child’s school is using learning packets, here are some tips for you.

Make sure that you understand what the teacher expects students to complete and what they want turned in. For example, let’s say you are told that your child is expected to read for thirty minutes each day. You should ask what evidence the teacher wants to prove that they have done their reading.virtual learning - packet completion

If your child is using packets, make sure that they read the directions carefully or that you read them to make sure work is completed correctly. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen students complete a worksheet without reading the directions, and they circle all the words that rhyme with the wrong sound, for instance.

Another tip is to help your kids pace themselves if the packets are to be done over the course of a week. Set a time each day for your child to work on the packet and give them benchmark goals to accomplish each day. For example, if your child has a twenty-page packet, advise them to break it up and complete four pages each day. You don’t want your child rushing through all

the work at the end of the week right before the due date. That will be stressful for both you and your child.

If your child cannot complete the work because it’s too difficult for them, immediately reach out to the teacher and find out what your options are. Often teachers have alternative work packets, or possibly you can schedule some time for the teacher to talk with your child to provide guidance and tutoring.

Full Online Learning

When you’re working with a full online model, the first step is to make sure you test your computers and the programs that your child is asked to use. This can be one of the most frustrating things about being fully online: Your child is expected to log in at a certain time of the morning and your sign-in does not work. Does this sound familiar? Be on top of what the expectations are for virtual learning - full onlinelogging in, and you have accomplished half the battle of full online learning. This may sound like a simple tip, but believe me, a nonworking password can send you into a tailspin that can become an overwhelming burden over time.

As with the learning packets, if your child is learning exclusively online, be sure to get a clear understanding of what is required to be completed each day. Some students will have exercises that they must finish independently after their teacher provides instruction. Many parents have noted that their kids had assignments to complete, but they were not aware of this until report cards came out and their child was marked down for not completing their work.

If you don’t remember anything else in this chapter, please remember to check in with your child’s teacher to ensure you are clear on what the expectations are. Many issues can be avoided simply by asking for clarification.

Seek clarification! The great thing about full virtual learning is that you can often get online with the teacher during instructional time to ask questions. Most schools will also have virtual office hours that you and your child can use to meet with the teacher if you are experiencing any issues.

Hybrid Models

The nice thing about this model is that on the days your child is in school, they can get support and questions answered aboutvirtual learning - hybrid areas that they may be struggling with. The downside is that students can have a hard time being home and working online after being in the classroom with their teacher and peers the day before. In this section, I will provide some ideas on how to make the days you work together at home seamless.

In the hybrid model, you will use the same online learning support tips that are listed above for the days/times your child is working from home. 

To seamlessly transition your child from being at school to working online at home is to set defined boundaries and clearly explain to your child that the same expectations apply whether they work at school or at home. Many children find it hard to grasp schooling at home while in the home setting. Home is home, so they might begin to exhibit behavior that is not “school-like” in the house. Nip this in the bud immediately by stating clearly to your child in terms that they can understand that on the days they work from home, they are still in school. This one tip will save you from so many power struggles between you and your child when it comes to understanding the expectations. It again is a simple thing to do that will yield a huge harvest. Below are the steps to follow to explain and set the expectations with your child:

Closing Thoughts on Virtual Learning

The first thing I am going to ask you to do before going any further in this book is to give yourself some grace. We live in a world of comparison. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest don’t make life easy. Don’t buy into the perfection monster, but know that you are doing your best each and every day, and by reading this book and those like it, you are taking phenomenal steps to help make virtual learning a positive experience for your family. I want to congratulate you for the care and effort you are putting into your child’s education. Don’t worry, don’t compare, and don’t buy into perfection. Give yourself some grace, and let’s do this!

May 1, 2021

Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Summer 2021

  • Book Guide

Ready to heat up the summer? We’ve got just the right collection of books that are sure to bring some sparks to your front door. From a bubbly, boozy cocktail book to a hilarious, pop-culture inspired cookbook to a charming children’s book about self-love, there’s something for everyone to enjoy as the weather warms up.

So, find the perfect spot outdoors (or indoors if you prefer your air-conditioned home) as we give you 25 amazing books to dive into this summer.

Drawing Furries

By Stephanie Johnson

Design your own furries characters with this drawing book. In this fun handbook, you can create imaginative, anthropomorphic animals like wolves, foxes, dragons, and so much more. Use the step-by-step instructions to sketch amazing creatures, but let your pens and pencils go wild.

How to Draw Furries

A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning

By Dr. Felicia Durden, Ed.D.

Many of us are still trying to get the hang of managing Zoom meetings and learning from a computer screen. For parents, it may be even more difficult to keep up with your child’s education when online platforms and teaching methods are constantly changing. We want to make it easier for you. With A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning, busy parents will be able to take out the mystery of digital education and have all the necessary tools to implement at home no matter the district, school, or distance learning model. You’ll be on top of your kid’s virtual school experience in no time and be able to help them have a fun and effective learning experience.

The Griddle Cookbook

By Loïc Hanno

Take your flat-top grilling to the next level with delicious recipes from this cookbook. With easy-to-follow recipes that you can make on any griddle you own, whether it’s cast iron, countertop, or outdoor, you’ll become a true grilling master. Your guests will be impressed with how you prepare your meats, how you achieve the perfect char, and, most importantly, how you transform backyard barbecue into restaurant-quality dishes.

Introduction to Greek Mythology for Kids

By Natalie Buccynsky, Jonathan Shelnutt and Richard Marcus

Are your children fascinated with Greek mythology, ancient monsters, fantastical creatures, or mortal heroes? Are they a Percy Jackson fan? If so, this book is the perfect book for them! They’ll enjoy hearing all about the 12 Olympians who sit atop Mt. Olympus with their many different powers and skills and tales from their favorite heroes.

Introduction to Norse Mythology for Kids

By Peter Aperlo

And if Greek mythology wasn’t enough, we’ve got more fearsome monsters and epic battles from another world that kids will enjoy. If they’re any fans of Marvel, they’ll hear about some familiar characters like Thor and Loki. Dive in and read all about Nordic and Viking trivia.

Talking with Your Toddler Activity Book

By Teresa Laikko, M.S., CCC-SLP, Laura Laikko, M.S., CF-SLP

Teaching your child to talk doesn’t have to be all work and no play. With the right amount of playtime, you can create a wonderful bonding experience between you and your child while also helping them develop a firm grasp on language and speech. This activity book is perfect for practicing talking and encouraging verbalizing, whether you’re at home or on the go.

That’s What She Said

Can’t get enough of Michael Scott? That’s What She Said is a must-have collector’s item or gift for any fan of one of the greatest comedy TV shows ever. It contains 200 custom-crafted stickers that’ll remind you of your favorite Scranton, P.A. workplace. You’ll never run out of fun stickers to share with fellow fans of The Office.

That's What She Said The Office Sticker Book

The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book

By Casie Vogel

What happens when you mix hard seltzer and booze? You get this bubbly cocktail book filled with delicious drinks! This summer is the perfect time for hard seltzer season. Whether you’re team Whiteclaw, a Truly follower, or a Bud Light Seltzer fan, there’s a recipe for everyone in this book. (And the best part: they’re all low cal. So no need to worry about your summer body.) Whatever your plans are this season, be sure to crack open a cold one and this book, and let’s get bubbly!

Getting Started with Teacher Clarity

By Marine Freibrun

This friendly, all-in-one guide breaks down the basic elements of teacher clarity, gives advice on how to incorporate those elements into the school day, and even provides classroom-ready activities for busy teachers to implement right way. Now, students will have a better understanding of the material and be fully engaged, which will help set them up for success.

Farting Sloth (& Friends) Stickers

There’s just something about sloths that everyone seems to love. And, there’s something about fart bubbles that people can’t seem to get enough of. Put the two together and voilà…you get super-cute, flatulent animals that are sure to make you laugh. With over 100 stickers, this book makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves sloths…or for anyone who farts.

WWII Battle Trivia for Kids

By Brette Sember

History just got a lot more interesting. This action-packed trivia book is perfect for reluctant readers or any kid who just loves history. With questions about Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Bulge, and the Invasion of Normandy, discovering new and fascinating facts has never been more fun.

The RV Travel Journal

By Sarah Cribari

The RV Travel Journal is a great book for people who want to record their favorite travel adventures. This logbook will help you keep track of your mileage, campsites and landmarks visited, your packing list, healthy meal plans created, and so much more. With so many people traveling or considering hitting the road for a safe adventure, this is the perfect companion for that.

The Mayonnaise Cookbook

By Erin Isaac

If mayonnaise is one of your favorite condiments, then you’ve stumbled upon the right book. And even if it isn’t, you’d be amazed to know that many of the foods you eat actually contain mayonnaise. With dishes like Lobster Rolls, Elote Street Corn, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and, believe it or not, Chocolate Cupcakes, you’ll find out just how delicious mayo can be. This versatile ingredient can even be used for some of your favorite daily hacks, like hair conditioner. It’s just that amazing! This cookbook is a must-have for major mayo connoisseurs and even those curious about all the wonders that come with this condiment.

Mayonnaise Cookbook Recipes

Serial Killer Trivia: Cold Cases

By Michelle Kaminsky

Readers, make some extra room on your bookshelf for another true crime book. Michelle Kaminsky, author of Serial Killer Trivia is back with more true crime facts. This time with a focus on cold cases. So put on your detective cap and get ready to read fascinating facts, stories, and trivia about the most infamous cold cases from around the world.

Serial Killer Trivia: Cold Cases cover

The Home Flipper’s Journal

By Nancy Dunham

Whether you’re a first-time house flipper or experienced flipping pro, this book may be calling your name. This handy organizational tool makes buying, renovating, and selling a home easier than ever. You’ll be able to keep track of all major improvements and little details in one place. This journal is the perfect guide to a profitable home-flipping experience.

True Crime Dictionary: From Alibi to Zodiac

By Amanda Lees

Best-selling author Amanda Lees is here to help you get up to speed (or refresh your memory) with this complete encyclopedia of famous crimes, cold cases, serial killers, and more. This is the perfect companion for any murderino, true crime junkie, and lovers of all things murder. Everything you need to be an armchair detective will be right at your fingertips.

Healthy Shoulder Handbook: 2nd Edition

By Karl Knopf

If you suffer from debilitating shoulder problems, Dr. Karl Knopf will help you begin to understand the causes for your pain and provide you with steps needed to heal your body. With a new and improved cover, this second edition has programs and exercises to help you quickly get back to your daily routines—pain free!

The One with All the Cross-Stitch

Time to take your love for the iconic TV show Friends to a whole new fun and creative level. Crafty fans of Friends will love these cross-stitch patterns as they remember iconic scenes from the show. Stitch together memorable images like the Central Perk sign, the chick and the duck, and unforgettable quotes like “PIVOT!” This cross-stitch book is a must-have.

The One with All the Cross Stitch

Beet This

By Tyanni Niles, Sam Kaplan, and Keith Riegert

Do you find yourself staring randomly into an invisible camera? Are you a fan of all things Dunder Mifflin? Then this might be the perfect book for you. This cookbook is packed with old and hearty, Pennsylvania-inspired recipe from everyone’s favorite number one Assistant to the Regional Manager—Dwight K. Schrute. Turn on your favorite episodes of The Office and prepare to be transported to a magical, beet-filled corner of Northeast Pennsylvania.

Beet This The Office Cookbook Cover

The Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids

By Jenna Berman

When children have difficulty self-regulating, it can make it harder for them to get along with peers and family members, hurt their academic achievement, and inhibit their ability to complete activities of daily living. Thankfully, therapist Jenna Berman has compiled CBT exercises and coping strategies into this workbook that will help kids identify, understand, and take control of their feelings.

Student Success through Micro-Adversity

By M. Jane and Ty Bricker

Written by two teachers, this book offers educators a breakthrough method for building community and empowering students through small challenges (also known as micro-adversities) that they face, or have faced. By taking these challenges and cultivating resilience and grit, teacher scan help students improve behavior, increase engagement, and empower them to achieve greatness.

Luna Finds Love Everywhere

By Shainna Ali and Illustrated by Catarina Oliveira

Best-selling author Shainna Ali is back again with another self-love book—this time with a story for children! In this charming story, Luna goes through her daily routines and realizes how much love and appreciation there is around her. As she explores, Luna discovers the importance of loving herself and those around her. With simple prompts and activities scattered throughout, your children can also explore the principles of self-love and how to incorporate them into their own lives.

Luna Finds Love Everywhere

The Unofficial Hogwarts Cookbook for Kids

By Alana al-Hatlani

We’ve got another magical feast waiting to happen. With The Unofficial Hogwarts Cookbook for Kids, your children can experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter and whip up something spellbinding in the kitchen. Combine your love for the series and cooking with this fun cookbook. And, if you’re a Potterhead, this book is definitely for you.

Unofficial Hogwarts Kids Cookbook

Behindfulness for Beginners

By Harry B. Hind

What happens when you bring mindfulness into the bathroom? You get a whole crapload of inspiring, cleansing, and healing behindfulness. So, next time you go to handle your business, grab this journal for some peace, relaxation, positive reflection, and fascinating facts about this sacred act.

How Pi Can Save Your Life

By Chris Waring

Ever felt like some math equations would be useless once you graduated school? Well, we’ve found a use for them that might save your life! This book will take your basic understanding of mathematical equations to the next level, teaching you the real key to surviving in an unpredictable world is understanding the natural forces and relationships that rule everything you do. Using the power of equations, you’ll be able to communicate with an alien civilization, contain a major oil spill, perform Hollywood stunts in a blockbuster action film, and so much more. So, time to put your math skills to the real world test.

– Tyanni Niles

homemade seltzer cocktails
April 20, 2021

Homemade Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes: The Aperol Spritz

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  • Recipes

Learn how to Make Homemade Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipes at Home

homemade hard seltzer cocktail recipes: aperol spritzAre you ready for some summer cocktails? We’re in love with our new book, The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book, features dozens of recipes to add a little kick to your Whiteclaw, Truly, Bud Light, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and more.

The Aperol Spritz: The Queen of Homemade Hard Seltzer Cocktails

This classic Italian apéritif isn’t just good before a meal—it’s always spritz-o-clock in my book. You can use soda water instead of the prosecco, but it’s much more fun to triple down on the alcohol.


  • Fill two glasses with ice. Split the Aperol between the glasses (3 ounces each).
  • Split the prosecco or soda water between the glasses (2 ounces each).
  • Top each glass with half a can (6 ounces) of seltzer. Garnish each glass with an orange wedge.


  • 6 ounces Aperol
  • 4 ounces prosecco or soda water
  • 1 (12-ounce) can orange hard seltzer
  • orange wedges, for garnish
Learn How to Make Homemade Hard Seltzer Cocktails

The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book

Live your best hard seltzer life with the original cocktail book designed to make your favorite bubbly boozy beverage all that much boozier, from sparkling cosmos and daiquiris to a twist on the ever-popular Aperol spritz. Make every season hard seltzer season! The wildly popular sparkling beverage is a tasty, low-cal treat on its own...but

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New release
April 13, 2021

9 Great Things About Raising Boys

If I had a dollar for every time someone said one of the following things to me when I’m out with my three boys, I’d be living on a private island right now:

  1. Are you trying for a girl?
  2. You must be busy.
  3. *look of extreme sympathy*

Frankly, I LOVE being a mom of multiple boys.

My family is just like your family in so many ways. But there are some things ONLY boy moms know.

Ready to find out what they are?

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t intended to say that boys are better than girls or any of that nonsense, but simply that having 3 boys isn’t something to pity! If you enjoyed it, please pass it on!

1. Boys appreciate my poop jokes

I love a good poop joke. No, not excessive ones at the kitchen table, but a witty poop joke can crack me up anytime. Try this one on for size:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Yoop who?
No, I didn’t poo. Did you?

I truly appreciate having an easily-pleased audience when I come up with that type of gem. Boys are just the audience I need.


2. Raising boys means fewer clothes

Sometimes I have a choked-up-teary-eyed moment where my youngest is wearing a shirt that I remember both his brothers wearing. I could have those moments every day if I had a better memory because almost every single article of clothing my youngest wears has been worn by both his older brothers. And since I have friends who give me their hand-me-downs, I’m quite sure I spent less than $500 in clothes in the past 12 years. Thank you boys for letting me spend my money on other things (like noise-canceling headphones).

I’ve heard this low-maintenance clothing trend tends to continue on in life, so I think we’ve got it made in the clothing department. We also won’t have to go into debt to afford makeup, jewelry, accessories, and handbags. And on that note…

3. I don’t have to share (mostly)

Except for the occasional time when the boys have wanted nail polish or to wear my necklaces, I doubt they’re going to want to share my sweaters and lipstick. Which works just fine for me, thank you very much.

4. Fewer toys in the house

Yes, I know, boys and girls can play with the same toys. But it seems that Toys R Us hasn’t figured that out yet. Until they do, I’m very happy to easily categorize all birthday/Christmas gifts into one of five bins: vehicles, rocks, marbles, Lego, and sticks.

5. Wrestling (and not wrestling)

I like wrestling with my boys on the trampoline. But when they get too rough, all I have to say is “be gentle with mommy!” and the wrestling is all done. It’s a great card to play, let me tell you.

6. I get to be their first love

This is true of all mommy-son relationships, but I think it’s especially sweet when there is no sister in the mix. I’m also the queen bee. There’s currently no other woman bossing my boys around, at least not when they’re at home. 😆

7. Easier hair

Last year, my youngest got lice. I know, right? SO GROSS. But you know what we did? Each boy took a turn in the backyard with the buzzer and we shaved it all off. Compare that to my friend with 2 girls who recently spent 14 hours total (no exaggeration) combing nits out of their hair. My solution: 10 minutes.

Also, I think I combed their hair about 5 times before they each turned 5. Only at Christmas, really. It certainly makes mornings easier. 😬

My eldest currently has long-ish hair, but in mid-elementary, he’s old enough to brush it himself and young enough not to care about bedhead.

8. Sticks and stones

Seriously, it doesn’t take much to entertain this crew. Encourage them to find a cool stone or stick in the backyard and I’ve got myself a free afternoon (at least, until someone draws blood…).

9. The chance to raise the kind of men I want to see in the world

When you look around the world, you can easily see how much damage a few selfish, power-hungry men can do in the world. (Apparently, testosterone can have a negative effect on peacemaking.)

When we’re raising two boys (or one, or more), we have the chance to raise the kind of men who will build up the world instead of tearing it down. Men who will live with integrity and treat others with respect and kindness, men who love their families, and men who speak up for those who are less fortunate.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to check out my new book: The Mother and Son Prayer Journal. In it, moms are equipped to pass on their Christian faith to their boys while building relationships with each other.


—Christie Thomas from


The Mother and Son Prayer Journal

Deepen your faith and strengthen your parent-child relationship with this interactive journal and devotional for mothers and sons.  This devotional is a great way to share the Christian faith with your son, and strengthen your bond with both him and the Lord. Perfect to share with sons who are between the ages of 6 and 12, The Mother and

Learn more
New release
April 6, 2021

Deepen Your Faith and Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship with New Prayer Journal

  • Book Sample /
  • Self-Help

The following is an excerpt from the new journal The Mother and Son Prayer Journal, written by Christie Thomas to help you deepen your connection to your faith while also strengthening the bond between you and your son. Check out the intro to her journal below and download the journal pages to share between you and your child.

* * *

How to Use This Book

1. Focus Verses

At the beginning of each devotion I list the verses I used as the basis or that devotion. In many cases I have woven passages from the English Standard Version of the Bible into the devotion. You can decide whether you want to look up and pre-read the focus verses with your son or simply read the devotion. If you find it too much to read everything, save the focus verses for the times you want to learn more about the passage. It’s great to ask the question, “Is that really in the Bible?” Then go look it up and find out for yourselves!

2. Ask Each Other

This section provides a discussion question that gently introduces the theme of the devotion. You both get to ask the question, and you both get to answer the question. This will get you talking about not only the theme but also yourselves. You may be surprised by what you learn about each other!

3. Devotion

Read it out loud together. Reading to your child (even when he can read on his own) has enormous educational and relational benefits. You will probably find that sections you read together will show up in your daily life, giving you an extra chance to nurture his faith.

4. Prayer Section

If your son doesn’t love to write, this part may be a little tricky. As a mom, I know that it’s possible for me to put so much pressure on my son to write a legible prayer that it could suck the fun out of this journal faster than bleach could remove the dye from a black shirt.

The time you spend on the journal with your son shouldn’t feel like school. Make it fun! The great news is that God doesn’t need long, deep prayers. He loves to hear from our boys no matter what. Also, drawing a picture counts as a prayer just as much as writing it out does. I have three sons of different ages and writing abilities. When we get to the prayer sections, they can write, draw a picture, or dictate their prayer to me.

Suggestions for a child who doesn’t like to write:

•Use fun writing tools.
•Colorful gel pens help!
•Ask your son to write in list form, or just write a word or two.

You could even go so far as to forbid him to write in full sentences and see where that kind of reverse psychology takes you.

•Allow him to dictate his answers to you while you write.
•Have him draw his answers. You can even turn an answer into a comic strip with multiple frames.

5. Mother’s Prayer Section

You can write as much or as little as you want! Write it while you’re with your son, or take time during the week to write out a longer prayer on your own time. This is your space. After writing your prayer, be sure to share it with your son so he knows that you’re actively praying for him. Pour out your heart to God, and watch as he changes both of you!

Download these free journal pages to get started!


Raising Resilient Sons

You're a caring mother of boys, part of the "boy mom" phenomenon—now learn how to raise your son to be compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent with this parenting guide made just for you. Raising a boy, also known as being a “boy mom,” is tough in today’s culture. We want our sons to grow into strong men who will

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