Spring 2022 Catalog

For Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Spirit

Health & Wellness

I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women

Practice self-love, embrace mindfulness, and build a positive daily ritual with inspiring prompts, meditations, and reflections just for Black women.  You're aware of the way you talk to others, but how do you talk to yourself? Is your self-talk in need of a kindness boost? Improve your self-esteem and love the woman that you are with

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Strengthen your connection to your faith with this Islamic prayer journal designed specifically for Muslim women, featuring inspirational duas, hadith, and verses from the Qur'an. As women, we are often required to wear many hats that come with

An Inspirational Dua and Gratitude Journal for Women

By Gabrielle Deonath

Gabrielle Deonath

Gabrielle Deonath is a Guyanese-American Muslim writer and editor. First published at age 16, she penned personal essays on her experiences navigating the world as a Muslim teenager for VirtualMosque.com and SISTERS Magazine. For five years, she

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Spellcraft, Magic, and Tarot

All Magic

Panic Attacks Workbook: 2nd Edition

Conquer your anxiety with proven techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises designed to stop panic attacks before they even begin. The effects of anxiety and panic attacks interfere with the daily lives of millions of people every year. This practical workbook full of proven strategies and helpful advice on how to beat

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Teach Writing with Growth Mindset

Set students up for a lifetime of writing success with activities and strategies for supercharging creativity, supporting engagement, and boosting confidence in an easy-to-use resource made just for busy teachers. Created for busy classroom teachers, this resource provides classroom strategies and writing activities you can immediately

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From Bloom Books for Young Readers

All Children's Books

The Glycemic Load Counter (2022 Edition)

Discover how to use the Glycemic Index to manage diabetes, control blood sugar, and monitor glucose intake from food to take control of your health. Based on the proven science of the Glycemic Index (GI) but made even easier to use, Glycemic Load (GL) dieting is the best way to follow a healthy lifestyle. GL values give a more accurate

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