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The Modern Art of Brujería

By Lou Florez


This is not your abuela’s brujería. This modern take on traditional witchcraft will introduce newcomers to the unique and vibrant traditions of magical practice. Drawing inspiration from Latin American and Afro-Caribbean regions, The Modern Art of Brujería takes readers on a journey through spirituality. Touching on historical colonial impact, this book offers new approaches to practicing traditional magic that support and uplift cultures that were once oppressed for their beliefs. Inside you’ll find:
  • Tips for ancestral communication
  • Instruction for limpias or spiritual cleansings
  • Different types of candle magic
  • And much more!

Let The Modern Art of Brujería be your guidebook as you delve into the complex world of witchcraft.


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Lou Florez

Lou Florez

Lou Florez is an author, diviner, lecturer, artist, witch, ceremonialist, and medicine-maker who has studied with indigenous elders and communities throughout the globe. Lou grounds his teachings and practice in the idea that connectedness to ourselves and our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental landscapes is a fundamental necessity for any long-lasting change to occur.

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Released: April 2022
Price: $17.95

ISBN-10: 1646043197
ISBN-13: 9781646043194

Paper Over Board
5" x 7"
192 pages

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