Glycemic Load Counter Cover

The Glycemic Load Counter (2022 Edition)

By Mabel Blades

Discover how to use the Glycemic Index to manage diabetes, control blood sugar, and monitor glucose intake from food to take control of your health.


Based on the proven science of the Glycemic Index (GI) but made even easier to use, Glycemic Load (GL) dieting is the best way to follow a healthy lifestyle. GL values give a more accurate measure of the way different foods affect your body by adjusting the GI score for portion size. Inside you’ll find:


  • GI, GL, calories, carbs, and fat for over 800 popular foods
  • User-friendly design and straightforward A-Z lists
  • Serving sizes for foods already converted into GL score
  • Advice on your body’s glycemic response to different foods—from meats and vegetables to breads and fruits
Dr. Mabel Blades

Mabel Blades

Dr. Mabel Blades is the managing director of Nutrition and Dietetic Services, which she formed after leaving Britain’s NHS (National Health Service), where she managed the Nutrition & Dietetic Service.

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Released: January 2022
Price: $10.95

ISBN-10: 1646042492
ISBN-13: 9781646042494

4.5" x 6.25"
112 pages

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