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Women Don’t Poop and Other Lies

By Bonnie Miller, Nicole Narvaez

Get the scoop on lady poop with this surprising and hilarious combination of feminism and fecal facts, a perfect bathroom book for any feminist.


Everybody poops, and that means every body. Women are no strangers to time on the can, but for centuries women have been pressured to avoid mention, reference, and especially smell. It’s time to reclaim our right to let some sh*t go!


  • Did you know that women’s colons are TEN CENTIMETERS longer than men’s?
  • Did you know that your toilet is TOO TALL, built for the invented height of the average male?
  • Did you know that your period actually makes you poop MORE?

Women Don’t Poop and Other Lies offers a humorous look at the history and trivia around this most basic bodily function. From the pioneer days when women had to create pop-up port-a-Johns with their skirts to modern-day workday bathroom anxiety, this giftable book is packed full of surprisingly adorable and informative color illustrations and poopy pub trivia.

Nevertheless, we poop!


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Bonnie Miller

Bonnie Miller’s singular goal in life is to make others laugh, which is exactly what she hopes this book will make you do. A writer from the time she could hold a pencil, Bonnie ultimately parlayed her love of words into a career as an advertising copywriter, writing for brands like Charmin and GE. It’s the Charmin experience that helped her perfect the ever-comical poop joke. Her books include Women Don’t Poop & Other Lies, We Wish You a Poopy Christmas and The Subtle Art of Fart Remarks. Bonnie lives in New York City, where you can always find her exploring new running routes and tirelessly hunting for the perfect podcast.

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Nicole Narvaez

Nicole Narváez is a visual artist from Brooklyn, NY. She originally focused her work on oil paintings, creating colorful, realistic portraits of women. After becoming motivated to use her artwork to celebrate female icons fighting for women’s equality past and present, Nicole started creating detailed 2D illustrations highlighting these women. Now she focuses her time on both sides of her work, perfecting her painting and illustration skills along the way.

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Released: September 2020
Price: $12.95

ISBN-10: 1646040783
ISBN-13: 9781646040780

7.25" x 7.75"
48 pages

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