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Here to Make Friends

Skip the small talk and learn how to build a supportive community, engage with new people, and cultivate authentic, long-lasting friendships at every stage of life. It sometimes seems like everyone has a big, happy, fulfilling social life, full of lifelong friendships...except you. As we grow older and school friendships fade, it can be

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Magical Girl's Guide to Life

The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life

Transform into your most magical self with this one-of-a-kind, manga inspired self-care guide designed to help you discover and harness your inner power- anime style! Inspired by the wand-wielding, crime-fighting magical girls in your favorite

Find Your Inner Power, Fight Everyday Evil, and Save the Day with Self-Care

By Jacque Aye
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Jacque Aye

Jacque Aye is a therapist-in-training and “Head Magical Girl” of the Adorned by Chi lifestyle brand! Since launching Adorned by Chi in 2015 Jacque has grown her business tremendously, racking in 6-figure sales within the first two years of

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Work With You, Not Against You

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Help Your Kids Along Their Journey

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The Happy Empath's Workbook

The Happy Empath’s Workbook

An interactive workbook to help empaths understand, reflect, and harness their unique powers. Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of people around them, making it a challenge to navigate in a hectic and

Hands-On Activities, Worksheets, and Strategies for Creating a Joyous and Full Life

By Stephanie Jameson
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Stephanie Jameson

Stephanie Jameson is an intuitive psychic empath and certified reiki master whose strongest gifts are clairvoyance and clairaudience. She works with individuals all over the world who find themselves being moved through an awakening/ascension

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Author Stephanie Jameson

Break Free from Narcissistic Mothers

Heal from childhood trauma, overcome the damaging effects of emotionally immature behaviors, and discover your true self through guided activities in this friendly workbook. Many daughters struggle with their self-worth when dealing with a narcissistic mother. It is easy to criticize yourself and bury your emotions. The effects of this

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