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Overcoming Insecure Attachment

By Tracy Crossley, M.A.

Permanently stop fear and anxiety from smothering the way you live your life, and stop settling for relationships that aren’t right for you.


Written by a behavioral relationship expert, Overcoming Insecure Attachment provides actionable steps on how to overcome insecure attachment styles and the problems they spawn with self-value, self-awareness and self-responsibility. Going beyond what traditional attachment theory books focus on, readers will follow eight proven steps that they can customize and organize in the way that best suits their unique needs, all the while being bolstered and championed by Tracy Crossley’s friendly, bold tone.

Tracy Crossley, MA

Tracy Crossley, M.A.

Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert and Podcast Host, who specializes in treating individuals with unhealthy dating and relationship patterns. Tracy treats clients dealing with a wide range of behavioral issues such as insecure attachment, harmful belief systems, breaking the cycle of narcissistic damage, destructive self-talk, and more. With a background in psychology, an innate emotional intuition, and drawing from her own personal experience, Tracy helps her clients break the patterns that keep them trapped in the repetition of unhealthy single hood and relationships. Through emotionally-driven techniques, Tracy is able to zero in on clients’ obstacles in order to shift their way of seeing themselves and help them drop the emotional armor to kick anxiety and pain to the curb. The work she does leads to clients to self-acceptance, emotional freedom and the ability to authentically connect with themselves and others.

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Released: October 2021
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 1646042506
ISBN-13: 9781646042500

6 x 9
280 pages

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