Can’t hit the gym? We have just the solution for you!

Gyms and fitness centers around the country have closed their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many people have had to adjust their fitness routines as they maintain social distance and self-isolate at home. But this can be difficult to some. Although many may not have the luxury of having all the equipment of a gym, you can still bring the gym atmosphere to your home.

Staying in doesn’t mean staying put. It’s important to stay active, keep moving, and remain consistent. Discover the joys and challenges of indoor home exercise with these fitness challenges as you reinvent the gym.

Here is a list of many fun fitness workouts from The Big Book of 30-Day Fitness Challenges you can complete to help you stay in shape while you quarantine. We even included some outdoor activities you can do (keeping in mind the social distance rule) if you must get fresh air while you work out. As a bonus, we’re providing other challenges and routines to help you maintain your mental health and gut health.

Remain Active Every Day

If you’re new to working out or feel like you’re out of shape and have no idea where to start, just remember one thing—keep moving. Take at least 5 minutes at a time to keep your body moving. Even if you’re completing a household chore, make sure you move a little bit each day. And challenge yourself to add more and more time as the days go by.

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At-Home Body Weight Exercises

You don’t need a fancy gym membership or equipment to workout. All you need is motivation! Challenge yourself with these full-body exercises for the next 30 days.

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Be Active Outdoors While Maintaining Social Distance

Our bodies and minds crave being outdoors. It’s difficult to remain inside every day without sunlight or fresh air from outside. If you miss outdoors and want to complete your workouts outside from time to time, remember to maintain the social distance rule of at least 6 feet. Whether you spend 5 minutes or 60, here are a few routines you can do outdoors.

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Get the Entire Family Involved

If you have kids at home who are active and need to be entertained constantly, include them in your workout session and make it a family activity. Find exercises that most kids are able to do, like sit-ups and push-ups. Make it a habit of moving with your kids daily. And remember to have fun.

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Maintain Your Overall Health

Physical fitness is important, but sometimes people often neglect their gut health and mental health. As you work out at home and challenge yourself to remain active daily, remember to eat healthily and keep your mind in shape. You can start by incorporating more vegetables into your and your family’s diet. You can also start by journaling every day and checking in with yourself.

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If you need more activities to complete while you stay indoors, you’ll find many fun and challenging routines in The Big Book of 30-Day Fitness Challenges and The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges.


-Tyanni Niles