Before 2020, most of us probably hadn’t heard of the term social distancing, let alone applied it to our daily lives. However, staying home and limiting your exposure to other people is now the key to helping you and your community stay safe and healthy during COVID-19. It can be tough to spend all your time in the same place and with the same people. Whether it’s just you working from home, sharing an apartment with a significant other, or operating in a house full of kids, you’re probably in need of some entertaining “social distancing” activities that keep you and your loved ones safe in your home but not bored out of your mind.

For fun activities that provide hours of entertainment, cultivate learning, and support mental wellbeing, we’ve got you covered. Check out the activities below for kids and adults, as well as a few downloadable pages to print out, color in or journal on.

Social Distancing Activities for Adults

The Best F*cking Activity Book Ever – There are no rules when it comes to this wildly inappropriate and hilarious activity book, and we could all use a little laugh right now. Give your quarantine boredom the middle finger by doing more than 100 entertaining puzzles, including crude coloring pages, indecent word searches, profane crosswords, and more.

Start now with this sweary foreign language word match up.

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Answer key is here.


Coloring Bird Mandalas – Nothing says relax and keep yourself happily occupied like an adult coloring book. Grab some colored pencils, markers, or gel pens and melt the stress away as you carefully color in every intricate space. If birds aren’t your thing, bring to life some beautiful ocean, dream, or flower designs. And if your social distancing is making you miss your friends, get creative and send them a personal and beautifully colored postcard!

Click to download a coloring page:

The Self-Love Workbook – Spending all this time indoors instead of meeting your coworkers for after-work drinks or going to your weekly Saturday brunch leaves you with a lot of alone time. Without your normal amount of human contact, it can be easy for your mental health to slip. Make sure you’re prioritizing self-care with this interactive workbook that makes it easy for you to see your daily progress as you find freedom and peace by learning to love yourself.

Click to download some self-care prompts:

The Self-Love Workbook

Build Your Own Romantic Comedy – If you’ve already watched every romantic comedy available on streaming with your newfound free time, don’t worry. With this book, you can choose your heroine and create your very own original rom com using classic tropes like the sassy best friend, dramatic misunderstandings, and the long-awaited first kiss. With more than 100 possible storylines, will you be spicing up your social distancing with a hunky cowboy? A royal prince? Or maybe a wealthy executive? You decide.

And if you’ll be tuning in to Hallmark’s Christmas movie marathon this weekend, perhaps you’ll enjoy Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance.

Click for a sample of the most romantic Christmas story ever:

Build Your Own Rom Com

Social Distancing Activities for Kids

Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love – Take this time of social distancing to practice some screen distancing as well! This book features a wide range of projects specifically designed to teach kids how to follow directions, overcome obstacles, and solve problems—all while providing hours of fun.

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The Self-Love Workbook for Teens – If you’re a teen or a parent of a teen and you want to make sure mental health stays a top priority during social distancing, grab a copy of The Self-Love Workbook for Teens. This book includes interactive activities, journaling prompts, reflective exercises, and more that are perfect for conquering self-doubt and stress and maintaining a healthy mindset.

Click to download some sample pages and prompts:

The Self-Love Workbook for Teens

The Family Gratitude Project – If your kids are indefinitely home from school and you are now working from home, take this time of togetherness as a chance to foster a deeper relationship with your kids. With The Family Gratitude Project, you can follow step-by-step activities designed to strengthen mindfulness in both children and adults, including baking cookies, creating a Family Gratitude Jar, making DIY thank you cards, and more!

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Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


– Kierra Sondereker