We all experience stress in our lives. However, trying to adjust to this new, temporary lifestyle while you quarantine and practice social distancing may increase your anxiety and stress. Previous self care ideas and routines that you practiced before may seem a bit irrelevant now.

Facing a pandemic will most likely increase worries, but it’s important to keep your routines in place or implement new self care practices in order to remain calm and reduce stress. If you need help coming up with daily activities to help you cope during this time, we have just the solution for you!

Here are simple strategies and DIY recipes to help boost your mental health and improve your overall wellness during this time.

Refuel Your Energy and Mood

Amazing Essential Oils Make & Takes

Essential oils can work wonders on our moods and health. If you’re stressed, anxious, or simply looking for additional ways to stay calm, then check out these DIY ideas here.

Take A Relaxing Bath

Homemade Bath Bombs, Salts & Scrubs

Nothing says relaxation like a nice warm bath. A healing bath with salts and essential oils will help transform your overall wellness. Dim the lights and light a candle. Take the bath in silence or with music that speaks to you. Draw a medium-hot bath and fill the tub, then add your salt soak or bath bomb. Once you’re comfortable in the bath, close your eyes, relax, and let the salts and oils do their magic.

Click to download bath salt recipes here.

Set the Tone for Your Day

Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils

Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils by Mariza Snyder

Whether you’re a mom, dad, or simply someone looking for new self-care rituals, taking care of yourself should be a high priority, especially during these times. Practicing self-care rituals creates mindfulness and brings balance into your life. When creating a set routine, essential oils can help aid in the process. They can help you maintain and support your habits and support your mood and overall wellness.

If you need an assist to get you through your doing daily activities, try these DIY recipes to improve your moods here.

How do you practice self care?

Ordering Your Essential Oils Supplies

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