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The Serial Killer Cookbook

Bring your love of true crime into the kitchen with meals ranging from the bizarre (a single unpitted black olive) to the gluttonous (a dozen deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of fried chicken, French fries, and a pound of strawberries), inspired by Ted

True Crime Trivia and Disturbingly Delicious Last Meals from Death Row’s Most Infamous Killers and Murderers

By Ashley Lecker
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Ashley Lecker

Ashley Lecker is a true crime lover, avid recipe developer, barre lover, and general history nerd. She is a graduate of Edgewood College in Madison, WI, and UW-Green Bay. Ashley previously worked in the public sector for the House of Representatives

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Ashley Lecker
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Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo was born on March 16, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. Jhené began writing poetry at 6 years old. At 13, she signed to a major record label and began her career as a recording artist. Today, she is a ...

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The Self-Love Workbook for Teens

Discover how to change your attitude, build confidence in who you are, and genuinely love yourself through the guided activities and real-world advice in this easy-to-use, friendly workbook for teens and young adults. As a teen, life can be stressful, whether from worrying about looks, performance in school, relationships with friends and

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