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Introduction to Igbo Mythology for Kids

Introduction to Igbo Mythology for Kids

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Igbo heroes, deities, creatures, folktales, and myths, including Chineke the creator, Ana, Igwe, Anyanwu, Ekwensu, and more, plus the story of the first mermaid, the legend of Udenolu the shapeshifting crow,

A Fun Collection of Heroes, Creatures, Gods, and Goddesses in West African Tradition

By Chinelo
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Chinelo Anyadiegwu is a writer, and graduate student. When they aren’t writing stories about fantasy realms or mythology, they are writing grants. In their free time, they play video games of all sorts – from Table-Tops to MMOs and

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Chanelle Moriah small credit Judah Plester
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Chanelle Moriah

Chanelle Moriah lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and is a keen illustrator who enjoys bubble tea, Lego, and sitting in the rain.

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Designing Healthy Boundaries

Take control of your happiness with this all-in-one guide to identifying, setting, and—most of all—maintaining healthy boundaries with your family, coworkers, friends, partner, and self. Well-designed boundaries are an essential component of living a happy, healthy, and balanced life. But while you may know that boundaries are important,

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The Unofficial Witcher Cookbook

Join Geralt of Rivia on his adventures throughout the Continent as you learn to cook 50 delicious and totally unofficial recipes inspired by the hit fantasy books, video games, and show The Witcher. Andrzej Sapkowski’s epic fantasy saga of the witcher Geralt has captivated pop culture for nearly 30 years. Through books, graphic novels, TV

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Little Book of Axolotl Wisdom

Get inspired by the axolotl, aka the Mexican Water Monster, and discover what they can teach us about living life to the fullest in this adorably profound book of amphibian affirmations! For everyone who has had a sloth phase, an alpaca phase, a llama phase, or any other fascination with a certain kind of animal, welcome to your newest

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