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Parents guide to self regulation

Parent’s Guide to Self-Regulation

Discover tools and techniques for managing emotions, reactions, and behavior in this friendly, evidence-based book designed especially to help and support struggling, overstressed parents. As the millennial generation moves into their

A Practical Framework for Breaking the Cycle of Dysregulation and Mastering Emotions for Parents and Children

By Dr. Amber Thornton
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Dr. Amber Thornton

Dr. Amber Thornton is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and strong advocate for the mental health and well-being of parents. Dr. Amber loves writing and creating content online that will speak to the everyday struggles of motherhood and parenthood.

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Dr. Amber Thornton
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Beautiful artwork and touching stories

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Laura Knight
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Laura Linn Knight

Laura Linn Knight is a parenting educator, author, mindfulness and meditation leader, mother of two and former elementary school teacher who helps families create a calmer home. Laura’s work has been featured on NBC’s Today ...

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The Cloud

Create your own story as you make your way through this wordless picture book about how to handle big feelings and emotions like anxiety, grief, and fear, perfect for children ages three to five. The main character of The Cloud discovers one day that he’s being followed…by a cloud! It starts out small, but soon it grows and grows until all

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