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Daily Zen Doodles
365 Tangled Doodles for Inspiration, Relaxation and Mindfulness
By Meera Lee Patel

A year’s worth of “tangled drawings” designed to inspire creativity and serenity
Few activities are as spiritually satisfying as the art of the meditative “tangle” drawing. Finding a quiet moment to craft an intaglio of intricate, mandala-like drawings brings on a peaceful state that clears the mind and facilitates creativity and relaxation.
Offering a different hand-illustrated prompt for each day of the year, Daily Zen Doodles inspires you to lose themselves in the contemplative act of sketching beautifully repeating patterns and abstract designs. Whether it’s the outline of a nautilus shell, the petals of a lotus blossom, or the spokes of the Buddhist wheel, the mindfulness-inspiring ideas in this book foster focus and help unlock the your inner artist.
Accompanied by apt quotes from spiritual leaders and famed philosophers to provide you with an added spark of inspiration, each drawing prompt is an invitation to an improved mindset and elevated state of inner peace.

Sept 2014
Trade Paper
6 x 6.5
384 pages
Personal Growth
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