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Cannibal Serial Killers
Profiles of Depraved Flesh-Eating Murderers
By Christopher Berry-Dee

Explores the motivations and actions of Hannibal Lecter-type killers who eat their victims

This book examines the most notorious cases of serial killer cannibalism, from Sawney Bean and Albert Fish to Jeffrey Dahmer and Andrei Chikatilo. It also details an array of more peculiar cases: Fritz Haarmann, who drank the blood of his victims before selling their flesh on the black market; Armin Meiwes, who advertised for his victim on the Internet; and Robin Gecht, who led the Chicago Ripper Crew in a spate of murders in which they ritually ate the breasts of their victims.

Mar 2011
$14.95 US ($19.50 CAN)
Trade Paper
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
336 pages
True Crime
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