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From bad weather to business travel to traffic safety, there are dozens of reasons why cyclists and triathletes take their rides inside. Although indoor cycling workouts offer the ultimate control over workout conditions, most inside riders don’t get the most out of their trainers or spin bikes.


RIDE INSIDE offers cyclists and triathletes a smart guide to getting more fitness from every indoor cycling workout. From the world’s most experienced personal cycling coach, Joe Friel, RIDE INSIDE reveals all the unique aspects of indoor riding:


· Mental aspects like motivation, focus, and enjoyment


· Changes in upper body stability, posture, and pedaling technique on a stationary bike


· Respiration, hydration, and cooling


· Inherent changes in power output


· Lower leg tension and eccentric loading from flywheel momentum


· Lower effort from lack of terrain changes, headwinds, and crosswinds


· Road-like feel


· Different shifting patterns


All these differences of indoor riding add up to a big impact when the rubber hits the road.


Drawing from the foundations of Friel’s classic training guides, The Cyclist’s Training Bible and The Triathlete’s Training Bible, RIDE INSIDE shows how to apply smart and proven training concepts to indoor cycling. Riders will get expert guidance on the best ways to set up a trainer or smart trainer, how to modify outdoor workouts for indoor cycling, how to better monitor power and RPE, and how to use social online training platforms like Zwift to make training better and not worse.


Most critically, RIDE INSIDE shows cyclists and triathletes how to do indoor cycling workouts that actually meet their training goals instead of compromising.

Released: October 2020
Price: $24.95

ISBN-10: 1948007134
ISBN-13: 9781948007139

7" x 9"
216 pages

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