Ab Wheel Workouts

Ab Wheel Workouts

By Karl Knopf

Takes ab wheel workouts to the next level with carefully designed programs that work the entire body


An incredibly effective tool for achieving a toned, sculpted physique, the ab wheel is quickly becoming one of the most popular pieces of gym and home-fitness equipment. Ab Wheel Workouts shows how to maximize its effectiveness so readers can safely strengthen the core while simultaneously working the back, arms, and legs. A simple, compact piece of exercise equipment, the ab wheel can easily be used in the comfort of home and stashed in a closet when not in use. Unlike crunches, the ab wheel strengthens the entire body in addition to the abdominals and obliques. Illustrated with 150 step-by-step photos, Ab Wheel Workouts is designed for use with all types and brands of the device. This detailed guide uncovers the full potential of the ab wheel with specific programs for everything from core strengthening and muscle toning to deep stretching and improving balance.

Dr. Karl Knopf

Karl Knopf

Dr. Karl Knopf, or Dr. Karl, as his students used to call him, has been involved in the health and fitness of older adults and the disabled for over 40 years. During this time he has worked in almost every aspect of the industry, from personal training and therapy to consultation.


While at Foothill College, Karl was the coordinator of the Adaptive Fitness Tech­nician Program and Life Long Learning Institute. He taught disabled students and undergraduates about corrective exercise. In addition to teaching, Karl developed the “Fitness Educators of Older Adults Association” to guide trainers of older adults. Currently Karl is a director at the International Sports Science Association and is on the advisor board of PBS’s Sit and Be Fit show.


In his spare time he has spoken at conferences, authored many articles, and written numerous books on topics ranging from water workouts to fitness therapy. He was a frequent guest on both radio and print media on issues pertaining to senior fitness and the disabled.

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Released: November 2013
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ISBN-10: 1612432336
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