Due to the addicting new season of The Summer I Turned Pretty, the whole world has been in the dilemma of the summer: #teamconrad or #teamjeremiah ? At Ulysses Press, the team is also divided, but we decided to play for both teams just this once. Summer is not over until we say it’s over, and why not make it last a little longer with a heartfelt reading list based on our favorite summer boys.

What Would Conrad Read?

Our sad boy has a special place in our hearts. The Summer I Turned Pretty finale left us all a little heartbroken, but we curated this list in the hopes of getting him out of his funk and getting his act together in Season 3.

Catan The Official Cookbook

We know one of the main joys of the Cousins Beachhouse was the fun game nights. Catan: The Official Cookbook would be the perfect addition to their repertoire, allowing them to also get some cooking done. The recipes are also easy to make, so they won’t need any help from the adults they surely don’t want around.

Conrad dealing with panic attacks was not easy to watch. The Panic Attacks Workbook is an incredible resource for everyone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. As we could see in TSITP, panic attacks interfered with Conrad’s day to day as they do for many people. The educated author of this book can help you in understanding where the anxiety is coming from and how to manage it.

Whether he is in Brown or Stanford, the I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook is the perfect companion. The cookbook includes easy to make and campus friendly food options with recipes from the world’s best grocery story.

The Little Book of Weed Games

The Little Book of Weed Games is perfect for college nights, nights at Cousins Beach or days where Conrad might need a little relaxing from all the studying.

As overwhelmed as Conrad got in Season 2, he was always at peace tying knots and learning how to sail in the first season. We know that Prepper’s Guide to Knots would have helped him learn techniques to create better knots and in a faster manner.

What Would Jeremiah Read?

I think we all fell in love with Jeremiah in this season of TSITP and even Conrad girlies have been second guessing themselves (not all of us though, okay?) However, we can all agree that he was dealing with grief in a healthier way, and all those scenes with Susannah were incredibly bittersweet.

Ultimate Dirty Joke Book Cover Photo

No matter how much Jere matured in Season 2, he is still the jokester of the group. We 100% think The Ultimate Dirty Joke Book would be the next Christmas gift Belly would give him.

The jokester and the healthy one, Jere really is a well balanced guy. This recipe book shows step by step instructions to make delicious and healthy green, and fruity smoothies.

Boy Mom Prayer Journal

Jeremiah’s love for his mother and his constant support for her throughout the cancer treatments was heartbreaking. Yet this beautiful Mother and Son Prayer Journal would have been a great addition to the things they could have done together.

Make the Pool Your Gym 2nd Edition

Some of our favorites scenes from The Summer I Turned Pretty include Jere working as a life guard while they were spending summers at Cousins. Make the Pool Your Gym would have helped Jere become fit while keeping everyone safe during the hot days.

These break the ice cards are so Jeremiah… Whether he is giving them to his latest conquest, or to Belly, we know he would have a blast handing them out and keeping some for himself!