It’s (almost) officially the end of award’s season, and the ultimate wrap-up is the star-studded Academy Awards. The Oscars showcase the year’s best in film, directing, screenplay writing, production, and so many more categories. All of these nominees are winners in our books as they’ve given us so many laughs, tears, and some of the most beautiful cinematic shots. We’re here to give back to these films. So! What Ulysses Press book is most like these Oscar nominated films? Keep reading to find out!

Poor Things | The Overwhelmed Brain

Starring Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, and Willem Dafoe, this Best Picture nominee follows Bella Baxter as she discovers the pleasures, and horrors, of the real world and herself. This wildly imaginative and over the top film is a take on human relationships, feminism, autonomy and so much more. We see Bella explore the world outside of Godwin’s home and she struggles to see how humans suffer, criticize, and please. The Overwhelmed Brain is here with expert advice on personal growth and decision-making for deeper thinkers who want more than affirmations and clichés.

Oppenheimer | How Pi Can Save Your Life

The Oscars nominated this film in 13 different categories making it the most nominated film. This star studded cast with actors like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Emily Blunt has been a powerhouse this awards season. So, after being the face of the atomic bomb, a 3-hour historical film, and the award season sweep, it might be nice for the Oppenhomies to relax and read How Pi Can Save Your Life. They’ll learn how to survive random and ridiculous scenarios through the power of math equations.

How Pi Can Save Your Life

Barbie | The Big Book of Horse Trivia

Hi Barbie! This highly anticipated film released alongside Oppenheimer to make the event of the summer. Of course we only watched Oppenheimer for the light-hearted jokes and Barbie for the REAL hard hitting facts. You know who else loves the most stimulating books? He’s just Ken! Where he sees love, she sees someone looking at book of horses..? Ken loves truly the most philosophical and most-thought provoking literature out there. So, be a ten and find out more about horses with The Big Book of Horse Trivia. Can you feel the Kenergy?

Big Book of Horse Trivia

Anatomy of a Fall | Teach Your Dog to Talk

This French legal film made waves in the international film world this year. Trying to prove her innocence in her husband’s death, Sandra Voyter, portrayed by Sandra Hüller, has the court and all the evidence against her. The only witness to the crime? Her blind son and his guide dog Snoop. This would be the perfect situation where you wished you would have finally taught your dog how to talk.

The Holdovers | The Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Gift Book

Set in 1970’s winter, Paul Giamatti plays Paul Hunham, a strict professor at a New England boarding school for boys. Disliked by the students, staff, and sometimes it feels like life, Hunham is just a teacher trying to better his students. Maybe his strict teaching and grading can be changed with some appreciation.

The Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Gift Book

Good luck and congrats to all the nominees!