We’ve had evening wear Barbie, astronaut Barbie, President Barbie, and more Barbies that we can name, Ulysses Press had to add their very own Bookworm Barbie and  made sure there was a list for all the books barbie would have in her library.

We all know Barbie will love to travel if she stays in the Real World, hence Winnie Liu’s new travelogue would definitely be a book Barbie would have in her Dreamhouse library. With Moshi Moshi you can travel Japan in manga-style. Filled with cute illustrations, funny commentary, and collages of memorabilia, this delightful travelogue will transport you to delicious foodie places and both tourist and local must sees.

Own Your Greatness

Both Barbie and many of us would benefit greatly in having Own Your Greatness in our libraries. This book will give you all the tools you need to recognize and overcome the impostor syndrome that is holding you back. Packed full of research- and therapy-backed exercises, prompts, and activities, it is the perfect tableside book.

The I Love Trader Joe's Cooking For Two Cookbook

The perfect book for Barbie – and Ken, the I Love Trader Joe’s Cooking for Two Cookbook comes with 150 small batch recipes ready for date night. This cookbook will definitely ease up the nerves for when it is your time to cook, and in no time you will be creating mouthwatering dishes. This wonderful collection of easy-to-make recipes will include yummy appetizers, fabulous desserts, and even scrumptious breakfasts!

The Self-Love Workbook

Zen Barbie will 100% need a little self love here and there, the Self Love Workbook is a great book Barbie would have in her library. It’s easy to look in the mirror and say you love yourself, but infinitely harder to truly believe it deep in your soul. Luckily, this helpful, step-by-step workbook guides you along a path to that place of true acceptance and self-love. It was also named one of 2021 Best Books for Self Confidence by Choosing Therapy.

369 Manifestation Journal

When Barbie enters the real world, she will soon learn the power of manifestation. The 369 Manifestation Journal combines your mindful writing practices with the magic of 369 manifestation to create a whole new way to envision the life you want. Inside The 369 Manifestation Journal you’ll learn all about the history of the law of attraction, the connection to Nikola Tesla, and how to use the 369 manifestation technique.