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The I Love Trader Joe’s Cooking for Two Cookbook

Surprise your partner, roommate, or guest by making small-batch meals perfect for two, with your favorite Trader Joe’s® products! With Trader Joe’s ® being everyone’s favorite grocery story, it has also become the ultimate pit stop

150 Small-Batch Recipes Using Favorite Ingredients from the World's Greatest Grocery Store

By Rita Mock-Pike
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Rita Mock-Pike

Rita Mock-Pike is a freelance novelist, writer, and journalist. She has published works with various publications across multiple industries, both as a ghostwriter and as a by-lined author. She lives in Palatine, Illinois.

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Dr. Amber Thornton
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Dr. Amber Thornton

Dr. Amber Thornton is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and strong advocate for the mental health and well-being of parents. Dr. Amber loves writing and creating content online that will speak to the everyday struggles of ...

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Parent's Guide to Self-Regulation

Discover tools and techniques for managing emotions, reactions, and behavior in this friendly, evidence-based book designed especially to help and support struggling, overstressed parents. As the millennial generation moves into their parenting years, posting on social media about milestones, memories, and good times is almost second

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Delicious Recipes using Fan-Favorite Ingredients

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Golf Bucket List

Experience the glorious game of golf in a whole new way with this ultimate bucket list that spans the globe, for everyone who lives for their nine iron to the fan who loves watching The Masters played on TV. Tired of playing the same eighteen holes every weekend? Then this book is for you. The Golf Bucket List will introduce you to new ways

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