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The Cycle Syncing Handbook

Hack your period with this approachable guide to unlocking your body’s true beauty through journal prompts, nutritional advice, and dynamic routines! Living cyclically is nothing new; just as nature is designed by cycles of high and low, push

Identify Hormonal Patterns, Build Holistic Habits, and Embrace the Power of Your Menstrual Cycle

By Angie Marie
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Angie Marie

Angie Marie is a fertility awareness educator with an adventurous edge. After a life-threatening experience with birth control convinced her to explore her reproductive options, she dove headfirst into learning all she could about pregnancy, birth

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Marie_Angie - Angie Marie
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Gloria Zhang

Gloria Zhang (@bygloriazhang) is a former therapist & Inner Child Healer based out of Canada, known for the wildly successful The Inner Child Podcast with nearly 1 million international downloads. Gloria helps High Achievers ...

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The Last of Us Unofficial Coloring Book

Color for your life with this infectious, unofficial book inspired by the hit HBO Max show and video game. Experience the post-apocalypse without the stress of fighting of raiders and cordyceps zombies with The Last of Us Unofficial Coloring Book. Inspired by the hit HBO Max Show and best-selling Naughty Dog video game, the scenes in this book

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Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance

Create the Christmas Romance of Your Dreams Scene by Scene, Twist by Charmingly Predictable Twist Slip on your favorite Christmas sweater, cozy up to a crackling fire, sip some spiced eggnog, and prepare to experience the ultimate holiday love story. But instead of watching it on some cheesy cable channel, open this book and put yourself in

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Let Me Knock That Off the Counter for You

Discover the secret thoughts of our cheeky yet charming pet cats, with 50 adorable, full-color photos of cats paired with their hilarious commentary. Ever wonder what devious plan your cat is thinking up next? Or why they insist on meowing at your door at 2 a.m.? In Let Me Knock That Off the Counter for You,

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