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Clutter Rehab
101 Tips and Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love It!
By Laura Wittmann

Easy and fun organizing tips that eliminate stress, save time, and let you take control of your homes

Streamline closets by donating rarely worn clothes, clear those paper piles off the desk with an e-filing system, eliminate grocery shopping stress by designing a menu plan for the week ahead. With simple projects like these, Clutter Rehab shows how to make even the most chaotic home a well-organized, relaxed environment. Featuring quick solutions that have been tested and approved by the loyal readers of the author’s popular blog, Clutter Rehab offers a plan to tackle clutter and tidy every room.

And the author’s light-hearted approach actually makes organizing fun and addictive! You will learn useful skills that help transform the kitchen into a chef’s dream workspace and turn a cluttered bathroom into a relaxing oasis. There are fun projects and hints on how to get kids involved as well in keeping the home neat. Readers also learn how to stay on top of everyday chores to make the home run smoothly and quickly restore order when life gets hectic.

Dec 2010
Trade Paper
5 x 7
128 pages
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