Battle Trivia

WWII Battle Trivia for Kids

By Brette Sember

Immerse yourself in action-packed trivia all about the largest and most infamous battles of WWII—perfect for middle-grade readers!


Learn about what life was like on the battlefield, the first battle fought, blitzkriegs, submarines, and so much more! Written in question-and-answer format, this book is perfect for reluctant readers or any kid who just loves history. With the most interesting facts and historical photographs from 1939 to 1945, readers will feel like they are on the frontlines and in the trenches. Discover the answers to questions like:


  • Who was the youngest American who fought in WWII?
  • Who fought the war on skis?
  • What was the shortest battle in the war?
  • Who was the most decorated woman in WWII?
  • And many more!


Plus, kids will discover fascinating new facts on battles they might already be familiar with, including Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Bulge, the Invasion of Normandy, and more.

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Brette Sember

Brette Sember, JD, loves amazing trivia. She also wrote Quiz Book 3: Three Times the Fun (American Girl) and The Everything Kids Money Book (Adams Media). When she’s not writing, she loves kayaking, cooking, and traveling. She lives in New York state with her husband and two very furry golden retrievers.

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Released: June 2021
Price: $14.95

ISBN-10: 1646041828
ISBN-13: 9781646041824

5.5" x 8.5"
160 pages

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