What Would Wednesday Do?

What Would Wednesday Do?

By Iphigenia Jones

Step into the eerie world of Wednesday Addams with this book filled with unofficial advice and cryptic counsel for navigating the peculiarities of everyday existence.


Written by an expert and in an appropriately sinister style, this captivating and delightfully morbid book is your guide through the shadows of life. From relationships gone awry to embracing your inner darkness, this giftable advice book provides dark wisdom that will leave you both unsettled and entertained. You will learn the most devious of important life skills, including how to:

  • Navigate unconventional relationships and dreadful family dynamics
  • Find the best outfit for greeting local police officers when they come to inform you of your husband’s mysterious demise
  • Explore the depths your inner darkness for personal growth
  • Defy societal expectations
  • Uncover the most effective way to align yourself with the ghastly ghosts haunting your abode
  • Identify key poisonous plants and the best tea to pair them with
  • Find the most effective way to brood in shadowy corners
  • Cultivate a hauntingly fulfilling existence

Whether you’re a fan of the Netflix series, movies, TV shows, cartoons, or comics, this book is a must-read for Addams Family enthusiasts and fans of the macabre.

Iphigenia Jones

Iphigenia Jones

Iphigenia Jones is an enigmatic entity that communicates through the whispers of spiders. An expert on all things macabre, Iphigenia knows many intimate secrets of the Addams Family and has written two books on the subject. In her free time, Iphigenia enjoys exploring hidden staircases, solving mysteries, and perfecting hexes.

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Released: February 2024
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1646046544
ISBN-13: 9781646046546

5 x 7
128 pages

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