Ultimate Olympic Weightlifting Cover Photo

Ultimate Olympic Weightlifting

By Dave Randolph

Build the strength of an Olympian with this hardcore guide to power lifting


Every four years, the world’s most powerful athletes showcase their amazing abilities for millions to admire. The barbell lifts they compete in are specifically designed as the ultimate test of strength. Now, this step-by-step guide show readers how they can train like an Olympian to supercharge their muscle building and lifting abilities.


Packed with exercises for all muscle groups, the program in this book teaches readers the insider techniques used by professional weight lifters to get the most out of every workout. It offers everything the aspiring Olympian needs to get started, from self-assessment of their current fitness level to advanced techniques and recovery stretches.
Readers may never make it to the Olympics, but by the following the program in this book will achieve a personal gold medal level of strength and fitness.


Dave Randolph

Dave Randolph is the owner of IronBody Fitness, a small fitness center specializing in kettlebell training for general fitness, fat loss and strength and conditioning for people from all walks of life. Dave has been training with and teaching kettlebells since September of 2002 and has trained and taught with some of most well-known instructors in the business. Dave is also a 6th degree Associate Master in Shaolin Do kung fu (having studied the art for over 20 years).


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Released: June 2015
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 1612434452
ISBN-13: 9781612434452

Trade Paper
7.5" x 9.25"
192 pages

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