Kettlebells for Women

Kettlebells for Women

By Lauren Brooks
An Easy-To-Follow Program For Mastering The Wildly Popular Unstable Weights That Are Revolutionizing Body Sculpting For Women


Kettlebells, those strange teapot-shaped weights, are showing up in gyms everywhere for one simple reason—they have transformed strength training and the art of sculpting muscles. Illustrating 100 step-by-step exercises with more than 250 black-and-white photos, this book guides you though every aspect of kettlebell training and shows how to unleash their awesome potential to create lean, toned and shapely muscles. Unlike the classic stable dumbbell that works only a few muscles at a time, kettlebells because of their unwieldy shape require a myriad of muscles to fire during just a single action. The comprehensive workout plans in this book show you basic maneuvers like arm-toning curls and thigh-burning squats, then go on to more challenging exercises such as core-strengthening “windmills” and stomach-flattening “get-ups.”

Released: January 2012
Price: $14.95 US

ISBN-10: 1612430279
ISBN-13: 9781612430270

Trade Paper
7.5" x 9.25"
144 pages

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