Vulnerability Workbook

The Vulnerability Workbook

By Anouare Abdou

Embrace Fear, Set Boundaries, and Find the Courage to Live Greatly


The word “vulnerability” is scary. We’re taught that letting people close to you and showing your true self can result in heartbreak, trauma, and loss. But vulnerability, when approached in a safe way and anchored in self-trust, can be the key to healthy, long-lasting relationships.


The Vulnerability Workbook gives you actionable tools to help you deconstruct vulnerability and turn it into a practice that will enrich your life and relationships. Inside this workbook, you’ll explore the 10 core pillars of vulnerability, including:


  • Setting a vision and intentions
  • Cultivating self-awareness
  • Building shame resilience
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Holding space for others
  • And more!


Then, learn why each pillar is important and how you can practice putting them into action in your own life through self-reflection exercises, journaling prompts, and interactive activities.


The Vulnerability Workbook is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to embrace their vulnerability and make their relationship with themselves and others the best they can be.

Anouare Abdou

Anouare Abdou

Anouare Abdou is an author, authentic success mentor, and entrepreneur who started her career as a lifestyle journalist before stepping into leadership roles at publications like AskMen and Goalcast. From managing editorial teams to producing video content and leading business operations, she has tackled various challenges in digital media and discovered her passion for management in the process.


But despite her career success, it’s her own relational trauma that led her on a powerful journey of self-discovery with one goal in mind: To be able to have happy, healthy relationships, because what’s authentic success without them? Through years of therapy and healing modalities, she picked up tools and techniques that allowed her to transcend her limitations and create deeply fulfilling relationships. Now she’s on a mission to help others do the same.


Anouare holds a BA in Multi-platform Journalism and is the co-author of the best-selling book Success Codes: Secrets To Success You Weren’t Taught In School. She lives in Montreal, Canada, and will happily spend hours discussing philosophical topics and the nature of human behavior instead of having small talk. Preferably over a nice glass of wine and a good meal.

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Released: October 2022
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