Hyperuricemia in the Uric Acid Handbook

The Uric Acid Handbook

By Urvashi Guha, Soumitra Sen

Take control of your health with this easy-to-use guide to lowering uric acid levels and managing gout, liver disease, heart health, and more!


Millions of Americans experience high uric acid levels, aka hyperuricemia, and as a result suffer from health conditions like gout, liver disease, kidney stones, heart disease and more. Uric acid is a waste product found in the blood. The body naturally dissolves uric acid, but sometimes it can build up in the body and cause major health problems.
With The Uric Acid Handbook, you will first learn what uric acid is and how it operates within your body. Then this book will walk you through how you may be unknowingly increasing your uric acid levels and the certain health risks associated with doing so. Using relatable anecdotes and research-backed strategies, this friendly guide will give you all the tools you need to lower your uric acid levels, including:

  • Professional advice from health-care providers
  • Recipes and recommended foods that are low in uric acid
  • Simple strategies for making daily lifestyle changes
  • And more!

The Uric Acid Handbook is the ultimate fact-filled guide to managing your hyperuricemia or simply improving your overall health.


Urvashi Guha

Urvashi Guha is a cofounder of Storytellers, a behavioral change communication consulting firm based in India. She is a behavioral change communication expert and focuses her time working on developmental and social change issues. An amateur artist and storyteller, she enjoys observing how trends change and norms shift over time. Her interest in the subject of uric acid comes from a deep study on the issue, since many people in her inner circle have suffered with the uric acid-related health problems.

Urvashi believes that seeing changes in our body and its functions can be scary, and we often want to stay in a state of denial. There is a certain comfort in not knowing what is happening within us. This book will help shake up that denial and act.

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Soumitra Sen

Soumitra Sen cofounded Storytellers, a behavioral change communication consulting firm based in India, in a quest to create communication that can shift behavior. He is a qualified pharmacist in India and enjoys understanding scientific nuances. His pharmacist-like mind has driven him to understand many forms of treatment, both in allopathic and alternative medicine.

With the progression of life, he believes that alternate medicine and nutrition has many hidden solutions that cure and reverse health problems. His interest in the subject of uric acid comes from his own personal suffering and overcoming uric acid-related health issues. His personal journey to healing has been with a combination of allopathy, alternate medicine, and dietary change.

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Released: March 2023
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1646044630
ISBN-13: 9781646044634

5.5 x 8.5
144 pages

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