The Supportive Classroom Cover

The Supportive Classroom

By Laura Anderson, Jon Bowen

Build a mindful, trauma-aware classroom with this practical, easy-to-use book full of strategies and tools for understanding trauma and building empathy; designed specifically with busy teachers in mind.


One in four children have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event that can affect behavior and learning. But, school can be a safe, stress-free environment that can actually reduce bad behavior, foster resilience, and heal trauma. The Supportive Classroom shows teachers and educators how they can provide the different types of trauma-aware support that each student needs.


Written by two experienced school psychologists, The Supportive Classroom offers an easy-to-understand overview of trauma, empathy, and self-care paired with proactive and reactive tools that can be implemented in the classroom right away. These practical ideas include:


  • Suggestions for classroom setup
  • Proactive behavior supports
  • Checklists for identifying triggers and calming techniques
  • Examples of real-life students and teachers
  • Strategies for recognizing trauma exposure
  • And more


Every teacher brings their own unique culture, style, and passion into the classroom. This book offers a blueprint for creating a safe, welcoming classroom based in trauma-sensitive practice that can be adapted to your unique classroom.

Author Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson, PsyS is a School Psychologist in Phoenix, AZ. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and completed her Masters and Specialists Degrees in School Psychology at Minnesota State University-Moorhead. Laura currently works in a special education early childhood program and was employed in a childcare facility for 6 years prior to entering the field of school psychology in 2008. Her background includes school psychology positions in preschool through middle school, with a focus on advocating for students with significant behavioral needs and the staff who support them. Laura spends a considerable amount of her professional time training other educational professionals on behavioral practices and de-escalation strategies. Her professional passions include early intervention, staff wellness and self-care, and proactive behavioral systems. Laura is primarily focused on using effective collaboration between adults to facilitate the implementation of practical, evidence-based strategies. Jon and Laura are married and live and work in Phoenix, AZ. When they are not pursuing professional or continuing education endeavors, you are likely to find them catching live music or escaping to the wilderness.

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Author Jon Bowen

Jon Bowen

Jon Bowen, M.A. is a School Psychologist and Positive Behavior Support Consultant with two decades of experience in diverse school settings. He earned his Masters in School Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2000 and completed postgraduate work in Positive Behavior Support at Northern Arizona University in 2014. Much of Jon’s professional work has centered on supporting students with socio-emotional, behavioral, learning and developmental delay challenges at the school-wide, special program and individual level. A major focus has been to create environments that are supportive for all students. Jon has taught at the college level and frequently provides professional development trainings and consultation for school staff. Jon has a particular passion for supporting the educational professionals who care for our most challenged learners. Having had the privilege to work in hundreds of classrooms and to have learned from a myriad of fellow educators, Jon understands the value of best practices that are practical to implement. It is when good science meets the context and culture of our modern educators and communities that we see positive outcomes for all involved. Jon and Laura are married and live and work in Phoenix, AZ. When they are not pursuing professional or continuing education endeavors, you are likely to find them catching live music or escaping to the wilderness.

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Released: July 2020
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1646040457
ISBN-13: 9781646040452

6" x 9"
224 pages

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