Restorative Practices at School

Restorative Practices at School

By Becky McCammon

Harness the power of restorative justice with interactive prompts and exercises to improve circles, promote empathy, and deepen your practice as an educator.


Restorative practices have been shown to increase classroom time and student engagement while reducing suspensions, bullying, and absences. Fantastic in theory, restorative techniques require practice every day to result in meaningful change. That’s where Restorative Practices at School comes in.


This first-ever restorative practices workbook helps teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, and every educator reflect and enhance their restorative journey. Part professional resource and part guided journal, this book includes:

  • Guided prompts to help you reflect on your practice
  • Real-life examples from educators who use restorative techniques
  • Critical analysis of your own values and their influence
  • Strategies for remaining present and mindful at school
  • Exercises for building strong school relationships and communities


Inspired by an urban district’s work in whole-school implementation, the activities in this book provide clear pathways for consideration, exploration, and celebration of restorative practices.


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Becky McCammon

Becky McCammon is the restorative practice program coordinator at Saint Paul Public Schools. She loves haiku poems, effusive text messaging, and, most especially, having been a middle and high school English teacher for 14 years. At the core of her joy and education practice with young people and adults is a belief in our binding, beautiful stories. Over the years, Becky has collected a happy assortment of lanyards and canvas bags from conferences around the country, where she has offered perspective and learning about racial equity, restorative practices, and the critical role of educator unions in supporting healthy schools for students, staff, families, and community.


As mom to Quinn and Lily, Becky prides herself on everyday learning and the critical role of humor, forgiveness, and just the right balance of yes and no. She does not serve enough vegetables to her children but asks plenty of feeling questions. Becky supports and learns alongside her peers at schools in St. Paul, MN, as a circle keeper, coach, ally, leader, and expert in restorative practices.

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Released: March 2020
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1646040007
ISBN-13: 9781646040001

7.5" x 9.25"
144 pages

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