One Page Logbook

The One-Per-Page Notary Public Logbook

By Editors of Ulysses Press

The Ultimate Logbook for Ease of Use and Client Privacy


As a notary, you need an easy way to keep track of your clients and documents, but most notary logbooks out there just aren’t quite right. The boxes are too small, or there are too many entries crammed on a page, making it difficult to use and even more difficult to keep your clients’ privacy intact. The carefully designed and thoroughly tested layout in this logbook addresses all of these problems and more, making it the ultimate tool for your notary business. Valid in all 50 states and offering features like large type, oversized entry boxes, lay-flat binding, and just one entry per page, this logbook makes sure both you and your clients’ needs are acknowledged and addressed.


Editors of Ulysses Press

Ulysses Press is an independent publishing house based in Brooklyn, New York, and Berkeley, California.

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Released: September 2019
Price: $10.95

ISBN-10: 1612439365
ISBN-13: 9781612439365

7" x 5"
348 pages

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