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Spell Jars for the Modern Witch

By Minerva Siegel

Dive into the magickal world of spellcrafting with fifty unique and customizable spell jar recipes, using everything from crystals and candles to tarot cards and herbs to heal, protect, and manifest your desires.


Spell Jars for the Modern Witch will guide you through the entire process of jar spellcrafting—creating spells inside sealed containers—from setting your intentions, to cleansing your ritual space, to building and activating your spells. But before diving into individual spell jar recipes, you’ll first learn all about magickal color, crystal, number, and astrological properties; how to best time the creation of your spell; and the power meaning of certain herbs, flowers, and other natural ingredients that will help you decide what to include in your spell jars.


Then begin manifesting your goals with fifty step-by-step spell jar recipes for everyday life, including spells for:

  • Protection from nightmares
  • Financial abundance
  • Manifesting self-confidence
  • Successful job hunting
  • Memorializing a loved one
  • Cultivating a stable, happy home life
  • And more

Whether you’re looking to craft spell jars to banish bad vibes or simply discover more joy in your life, this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide has you covered.

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Minerva Siegel

Minerva Siegel is a disabled author and writer who haunts a spooky Victorian house in Milwaukee, WI, with her husband and their beloved rescue dogs. She practices many different forms of divination, collects crystals, and can often be found curled up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea, watching romantic period dramas. You can find her on Instagram @SpookyFatBabe.

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Released: May 2023
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 1646044959
ISBN-13: 9781646044955

5 x 7
160 pages

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