Southern Po’ Boy Cookbook

By Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Traditional takes and bold new flavors served up in a split loaf of light and crusty French bread


Humble and delicious, po’ boys are the favorite of local folks in the Big Easy who snatch them up by the thousands at delis, bars, and corner stores every day. In recent years, gourmet chefs have been getting innovative and raising these popular submarine sandwiches to new heights. Now, The Southern Po’ Boy Cookbook brings the many flavors of these scrumptious treats to the home cook’s kitchen.


The first cookbook to focus solely on po’ boys, this beautiful, full-color compilation offers all the traditional fillings — roast beef, fried oysters, shrimp, soft-shell crab, catfish, and sausage — and an array of delectable new variations. For a healthier sub, the author offers up turkey breast or Vietnamese bánh mi–inspired po’ boys. And for the more adventurous, the foot-longs crammed with seafood-stuffed artichoke hearts, French poutine, and alligator will entice anyone.


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Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Todd-Michael St. Pierre is a Cajun and Creole foodie and New Orleans native. He has served as a judge for the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest and has developed recipes for Cooking Light magazine. Todd-Michael’s books have been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Denver Post and on AOL Food. His work can be seen at ToddStPierre.com.

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Released: November 2013
Price: $16.95

ISBN-10: 1612432379
ISBN-13: 9781612432373

7.25" x 8.25"
108 pages

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