Medicine Ball Workouts Cover Photo

Medicine Ball Workouts

By Brett Stewart

A full-body program featuring step-by-step exercises to sculpt and tone arms, chest, abs, and legs using weighted medicine balls


When cavemen lifted and carried heavy boulders, they were not working out, they were building shelter. A weighted medicine ball allows one to get in shape by reproducing the natural strength movements that humans have been doing for millennia. Now, Medicine Ball Workouts shows both beginners and advanced athletes how to maximize the benefits of these balls through easy instruction and step-by-step photos of a wide range of exercises that build long, lean muscles and a toned core. One of the most useful and versatile fitness tools ever conceived, medicine balls are among the favorite training tools of top Olympic athletes and everyday personal trainers alike. The workouts in this book cover everything from simple core-engaging exercises and triceps-building lifts to heart-pounding cardio workouts that tone the body from shoulders to toes.

Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart is a personal trainer and author of fitness books like Ultimate Obstacle Race Training, Functional Cross Training and 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Released: Febuary 2013
Price: $14.95

ISBN-10: 1612431305
ISBN-13: 9781612431307

Trade Paper
7.5" x 9.25"
128 pages


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