Leptin Boost Diet Cover Photo

Leptin Boost Diet

By Scott Isaacs

A series of recent medical breakthroughs have confirmed what physicians suspected all along — obesity is a hormonal disorder. The Leptin Boost Diet transforms these findings into a unique and easy-to-follow weight-loss program that is perfect for people whose out-of-balance hormones make it impossible to lose weight on other diets. The book shows how to optimize leptin and other fat cell hormones so that the body’s natural chemistry becomes an ally, instead of a barrier, in the fight against fat. Dr. Scott Isaacs, an expert in the field, clearly explains complex topics relating to the newest medical treatments, the endocrinology of fat cell hormones, identifying leptin deficiency, and improving the action of leptin in the body. His program includes clear and concise recommendations on nutrition, physical activity and vitamin and supplement intake. By boosting the body’s leptin levels, the plan produces positive effects — including appetite reduction and increased energy level, and long-term benefits like reduced body fat and a healthy metabolism — right away.

Released: Jan 2007
Price: $15.95 US

ISBN-10: 1569755868
ISBN-13: 978-1569755860

Trade Paper
240 pages

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