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K-12 Coloring Book

By Melanie Martinez

Color in each page as Melanie Martinez’s fictional character Cry Baby and a few magical friends plan their escape from the K-12 Sleepaway School.


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Author Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez wants to tell you a story. Her sophomore album and film, K-12, follows her iconic character Cry Baby as she struggles to find a place to belong—within friendships, in the physical world and romantically—even when fitting into society feels like an uphill battle. K-12‘s music is a vibrant and singular melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop and indie-leaning electro. K-12 is another ambitious triumph for the artist and an expansion of the universe introduced in her debut album, Cry Baby.

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Released: September 2021

ISBN-10: 1646043073
ISBN-13: 9781646043071

7.5 x 9.25
72 pages


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