I Call Bullshit Cover Photo

I Call Bullshit

By Jamie Frater

Astounding, myth-shattering evidence that disproves hundreds of commonly—but wrongly—held beliefs


Dissecting the myths, misconceptions, and all-out lies that almost everyone believes as “fact,” I Call Bullshit shocks and amazes readers with just how much trivia they have wrong. Author Jamie Frater puts together a riveting collection of myth-busting revelations. It includes fascinating body facts, like that the “ocean” sound you hear in a seashell is actually the sound of your own blood, and historical facts like that pirates never made prisoners walk the plank. Another section turns general knowledge on its head with doozies such as: the fax machine was invented before the telephone, and U.S. ship captains can’t perform marriage ceremonies at sea.

Released: October 2011
Price: $13.95

ISBN-10: 1569759855
ISBN-13: 9781569759851

Trade Paper
5" x 7.75"
400 pages


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