How to Drink Snake Blood in Vietnam Cover Photo

How to Drink Snake Blood in Vietnam

By Gareth May

Be that guy who amazes everyone with his knowledge of curious, strange, and fascinating facts from around the world


There comes a time in every man’s life when he must leave behind boyish pursuits like video games and fantasy baseball. . . and stop talking about them! Packed with the stuff people are dying to hear about at happy hours, dinner parties, and first dates, How to Drink Snake Blood in Vietnam upgrades one’s speaking points from boring to mind-blowing.


Not everyone can circle the globe for fun, but with this book, any man can sound as interesting as the most worldly traveler. A must-have handbook, it covers a wide range of topics including eating caviar like a Russian oligarch, getting married by a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator, recognizing venomous snakes in the jungle, and navigating a route home using just the sun and stars. From international dining etiquette and tips for cooling beer on a tropical beach to how to safely ascend Kilimanjaro or survive a shark attack, this is the ultimate collection of badass wisdom that no man should leave home without.

Released: March 2014
Price: $14.95

ISBN-10: 1612432840
ISBN-13: 9781612432847

Trade Paper
5" x 7.5"
256 pages


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