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Easy GL Diet Handbook

By Fedon Alexander Lindberg M.D.

he Glycemic Index (GI) is a highly acclaimed route to weight loss, but it has one big drawback: GI values don’t take portion sizes into account. Glycemic Load (GL) values adjust the GI score for real-world portions and thus give a more accurate measure of the way carbohydrates affect the body.


For example, fresh fruit seems like a healthier dessert than a Snickers candy bar, but, in fact, the GI score for apricots is 57, while a Snickers is only 55. This happens because the GI score is computed based on a serving of apricots that is over 7 times the size of the candy bar. When adjusted to the real-world serving size, the candy bar has a GL of 31, while the apricot’s GL value is only 4.


Using these more accurate and sensible GL scores, The Easy GL Diet Handbook offers a plan for healthy weight loss and reduced risk of diabetes that is easier to follow and includes numerous foods that the Atkins, South Beach and GI diets wrongly consider “off limits.”

Released: Dec 2006
Price: $10.00

ISBN-10: 1569755744
ISBN-13: 978-1569755747

Trade Paper
128 pages

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