Drawing Manwa

Drawing Manhwa

By Yakkuk

Learn how to draw like your favorite manhwa artists in this detailed handbook on ballpoint pen drawing–a perfect gift for fans of webtoons like True Beauty, The Remarried Empress, and The God of High School!

Follow step-by-step instructions and practice the art of drawing manhwa comics in this how-to book inspired by city life, illustrated by Yakkuk (creator of webtoons and comics such as Unlucky Mansion, A Declaration of Revenge, Kirkegaard and Dhammapada, and The Eve Festival). From basic shapes to shading techniques, readers will learn all of the necessary elements that go into creating captivating manhwa illustrations. There are even full-page illustrations provided for readers to trace and color in. In addition to learning the basics, readers will begin to form their own artistic style and personal drawing techniques, thanks to blank practice spaces.

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YAKKUK was born in 1991 and majored in visual design. She lives with Taro, the cat. She made her debut in 2016 with her short story book Seoha and published Unlucky Mansion in a series on Naver Webtoon. She uses a prominent sense and stylish painting to portray young people today. She wrote and painted A Declaration of Revenge, Kirkegaard, and Dhammapada. She also communicates with readers by sharing drawing videos on YouTube’s Bad Pharmacy channel.

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Released: September 2024
Price: $15.95

ISBN-10: 1646047214
ISBN-13: 9781646047215

5 x 8
112 pages

Rights Available:
World English

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