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Dirty Spanish Flashcards

By Dirty Spanish Flashcards

Quickly memorize the dirty words and off-color expressions not taught in any Spanish class


Flashcards aren’t just for developing an SAT vocabulary. With Dirty Spanish Flashcards, readers can quickly master the bawdy Spanish terms never seen in a textbook. From casual greetings and cutting put-downs to explicit sex terms and filthy swear words, each flashcard presents a hip vocabulary word and example sentence on one side and an English definition on the reverse. It’s a fun and fast way to learn the real Spanish spoken daily on the streets of Latin America and Spain. This deck is designed for readers to master Spanish and engage people in a foreign language on an entirely new level. With phrases like “I’m plastered!” and “Let’s hit the clubs!”, readers will be making new friends in no time. In addition to pickup lines and insults, the deck contains other contemporary slang like globos, literally “globes” but which can also refer to a woman’s personal endowments; or malparido, which means “badly born,” but can be used to call someone an a**hole.

Released: October 2012
Price: $10.00

ISBN-10: 1569759235
ISBN-13: 9781612431109

Trade Paper
6.5" x 4.5"
104 pages

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