Dirty German

Dirty German

By Daniel Chaffey

Learn the slang words, modern phrases, and curses they definitely never taught you in German class with this super-handy and hilariously improper English-German phrasebook.


You already know enough German to get by, but you want to be able to tell those inside jokes, greet your friends in a laid-back manner, and casually pick someone up at a bar.


From “What’s up?” to “Wanna go home with me?” Dirty German will teach you how to speak like you’re a regular on the streets of Berlin. But you’ll also discover material that goes beyond a traditional phrasebook, including:


  • Hilarious insults
  • Provocative facts
  • Explicit swear words
  • Themed German cocktails
  • And more!

Next time you’re traveling to Germany, pick up this book, drop the textbook formality, and get dirty!

Released: Janurary 2022
Price: $12.95

ISBN-10: 1646042395
ISBN-13: 9781646042395

4.25" x 7"
176 pages

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