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Cycling On Form

By Cycling On Form

“After training with CINCH for the past three years, I’ve learned the cycling-specific techniques that make me a better rider and racer; healthier and injury-free; and more effective and positive off the bike.” ―Lilburn Shaw, 2018 Masters Road National Champion


Cycling on Form reveals the pro approach to cycling training.


Riding a bike faster takes more than just fitness. It takes skills that you can master to become a faster, stronger rider. In his new guide, former professional bike racer Tom Danielson shows how to transform your cycling from amateur to professional level with the fitness and time you have now.


Danielson reveals how the pros go beyond the modern standards of interval workouts, base-building, and recovery to train the whole athlete, mind and body. Danielson shows how to truly ride and train to the fullest through:


· Fitness: Self-tests to identify your riding strengths and weaknesses then focus on custom training to address them.


· Mental focus: The pros know that winning means using your head and your legs. You’ll get pro tips on big-picture goal setting and mid-ride concentration strategies to help you stay focused.


· Execution: Cycling is hard and executing a great ride when it matters takes practice. Danielson shares on-the-bike skills, efficient and powerful techniques, strategies to stay in the race, ways to finish with the lead group, and how to excel on a ride you’ve never done before.


· Nutrition: Pro riders put sports nutrition into daily practice. Danielson distills the facts of diet, food as fuel, and fueling to recover.


Too many cyclists train by trying to set new Strava PRs, only to get frustrated by the limited gains. There’s a better way. Cycling On Form unlocks a pro method for riding faster and stronger.

Released: April 2020
Price: $24.95

ISBN-10: 1948007045
ISBN-13: 9781948007047

7" x 9"
272 pages

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