Autistic Spectrum Parents' Daily Helper Cover Photo

Autistic Spectrum Parents’ Daily Helper

By Phil Abrams, Leslie Henriques, M.P.H., Foreword by Lorna Wing, M.D.

In clear and concise language, The Autistic Spectrum Parent’s Daily Helper describes the techniques parents can use to help their autistic child navigate life’s daily routines and challenges. Focusing on 45 easy-to-understand behavioral tasks, this workbook gives parents and other caregivers specific tools for making everyday activities — from getting dressed to going to the doctor to helping in the home — possible for autistic children. The authors also provide useful tips and constructive suggestions to simplify vacation planning. Helpful illustrations and lay terminology make each entry easy to implement. The Autistic Spectrum Parent’s Daily Helper is designed to make daily life as organized and stress-free as possible for both parent and child.

Released: March 2004
Price: $16.95 US

ISBN-10: 1569753865
ISBN-13: 9781569753866

8.5" x 11"
128 pages

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