The Action-Packed Book of Adventure Doodles

The Action-Packed Book of Adventure Doodles

By John Duggan

Rev up your mind and create new worlds on paper with endless fun in adventurous settings to doodle and draw


From pirates stealing treasure, cowboys lassoing wild horses, and knights storming castles to monsters eating cars, spacemen fighting aliens, and wizards ensnaring dragons, The Action-Packed Book of Adventure Doodles ignites the imagination of young artists with historical and fantasy doodle ideas. While everyone loves to doodle, not everyone doodles the same topics. With pages that start an adventure-oriented doodle and then invite readers to finish it in their own unique way, this book offers doodlers a nonstop thrill ride of fun and creative discovery. Unlike coloring books that constrain the imagination by making readers stay within the lines, this book encourages unlimited expression and flights of fantasy. Each page is a fresh opportunity to draw something totally new and exciting. And since this is doodling, it is about what one chooses to draw, not how well one draws it.


John Duggan

John Duggan is a professional illustrator and author of The Doodle Book. He also illustrated a number of Ulysses Press’ playful and popular joke book covers including Man Walks into a Bar, Blonde Walks into a Bar and Ginormous Book of Dirty Jokes. He lives in Redwood City, CA.

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Released: December 2009
Price: $12.95

ISBN-10: 1569757240
ISBN-13: 9781569757246

7.5" x 9.25"
192 pages

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